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  • suman sk
    Apr 23, 2006
      Any realization that comes does come over time and it is a process of soul development that takes over years and years and not in one birth but over many many births. Because for some a single birth is not enough. So in essence we are all evolving with our own speed and that is what happens as a natural law which pervades the entire universe. So thinking that in the past we were not spiritually developed would not be correct. Because ultimately is a development in circular fashion which means everything is although changing but still constant. So this maya makes us feel that everything is changing but it is not. It the play of the Lord himself.
      Point is due to this development when we are close to that level where instrisically we start to ourselves get the drive to move into the direction of spirituality and level and start to get over the evil forces within, and then starts the process of becoming pure and slowly gaining the power of miracles which Christ and Buddha had. So if someoe is at a lower level of spiritual development it may not even strike to him what people at a higher level are telling and discussing.Argueing about anything would therefore be redundant. With time such souls would learn there share of knowledge which comes from within and is develped by scriptures develpoved by great spiritual souls.
      So everyhting is simple and not complex that may be made by millions of people.
      It is just pure and simple truth that karma we do are just the reflections of seeds in our soul that are at a level of spiritual development.

      jodyrrr <jodyrrr@...> wrote:
      --- In meditationsocietyofamerica@yahoogroups.com, "Adam West" <adamwest1@...>
      >   "You believe such at the great peril to your own
      > self-realization, which exists in you right now, closer than your own
      > breath, as if on the tip of your nose."

      >     Ok, would you kindly define the self-realization of which you speak -
      > for apparently we need to clarify our terms :-)

      The moment when jnana comes to a life.  Jnana is the ongoing experiential
      revelation that one's nature as being identical to Brahman.

      >     Further, if Self-Realization is so common and closer then my very nose,
      > you must have attained it yourself.  If not, why not? If not, then your argument
      > would not seem to validly follow.

      Who can say why the veil of Maya lies over a truth more immediate
      than our own beating heart?

      > (1.) " it comes all at once." 
      > (2.) A permanent rending of the ahamkara which results in an ongoing
      >  revelation of the truth of your being."
      >     Clearly, I would suggest there is an obvious contradiction between
      > premises 1 and 2.  Further, these statements support my theses, that is,
      > awakening comes in degrees.  And it is these degrees of awakening that
      > are appropriated by the ego to claim full realization of truth, where clearly
      > an ongoing realization remains. 

      The ongoing nature of the revelation doesn't mean it changes
      over time.  Brahman is only Brahman and can only be known as
      Brahman by Brahman.  There are no degrees of Brahman.

      >     I am making a distinction between absolute awakening which
      > no one on this planet has achieved

      If you mean realization of the absolute, Brahman, there are at least
      4 members of this list who know themselves as such.

      > and a much less degree of on going realization which I am defining
      > as Self-Realization;

      These definitions do absolutely nothing except occlude the
      truth they poorly attempt to point at.

      > the degree to which, is great, yet rare; and finally, the garden variety
      > realization which many on the path have attained, (Zen Kensho and so
      > on - which many on this list, I suspect have achieved) yet retain
      > significant distortion, delusion and ignorance.

      That's called being a human being.  Your idea of realization is
      not much more than a fantasy which happens to be supported by
      the hagiographers.

      >     The other metaphysical points you make about the epistemic
      > nature of Brahman are merely points of dogma;

      Or directly known as the truth of one's being.

      > metaphysical claims about the infinite are valueless presuppositions
      > without any argumentation to support them.

      Yep.  If you are trying to talk about Brahman, you will never say
      anything close to descriptive.

      >  Futher, they outside the finite minds capacity to comprehend or
      > imagine; unless of course your argument holds and indeed you are
      > enlightened as it implies. :-)

      Brahman reveals itself to itself in a moment of grace and
      the apparent individual is there to know about it, only now
      that individual knows itself to be truly illusory rather than
      holding the belief that it is illusory.

      >     Jody, I thank you for this opportunity for an interesting discussion;
      > and I apologise for being unable to respond for some time, as I have
      > to go to work right now :-)
      >     Until later!
      > In kind regards,
      > Adam.

      Glad you're having fun, Adam.



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