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  • Adam West
    Apr 23 9:17 AM
        "You believe such at the great peril to your own
      self-realization, which exists in you right now, closer than your own
      breath, as if on the tip of your nose."
          Ok, would you kindly define the self-realization of which you speak - for apparently we need to clarify our terms :-)
          Further, if Self-Realization is so common and closer then my very nose, you must have attained it yourself.  If not, why not? If not, then your argument would not seem to validly follow. 
      (1.) " it comes all at once." 
      (2.) A permanent rending of the ahamkara which results in an ongoing revelation of the truth of your being."
          Clearly, I would suggest there is an obvious contradiction between premises 1 and 2.  Further, these statements support my theses, that is, awakening comes in degrees.  And it is these degrees of awakening that are appropriated by the ego to claim full realization of truth, where clearly an ongoing realization remains. 
          I am making a distinction between absolute awakening which no one on this planet has achieved and a much less degree of on going realization which I am defining as Self-Realization; the degree to which, is great, yet rare; and finally, the garden variety realization which many on the path have attained, (Zen Kensho and so on - which many on this list, I suspect have achieved) yet retain significant distortion, delusion and ignorance.
          The other metaphysical points you make about the epistemic nature of Brahman are merely points of dogma; metaphysical claims about the infinite are valueless presuppositions without any argumentation to support them.  Futher, they outside the finite minds capacity to comprehend or imagine; unless of course your argument holds and indeed you are enlightened as it implies. :-)
          Jody, I thank you for this opportunity for an interesting discussion; and I apologise for being unable to respond for some time, as I have to go to work right now :-)
          Until later!
      In kind regards,
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