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  • Adam West
    Apr 22, 2006
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      Hi all,
          It is my intuition and interpretation from reading eye witness accounts from the everyday observation of "genuine enlightened saints" (what ever that is? - at least humans in temporary or permanent spiritual states of Divine / Self-Realisation - very, very rare, not the multitude of wanabes and their lesser psychic states) by relatively unbiased, non-followers and every day folk from cultures all over the world; it seems clear that a halo of light does indeed emanate from such people, which is perceptible by the physical eyes - as distinct from the temporary or permanent psychic sight of the observer.
          So mine is a conclusion based on intuition, which is valueless to others, as it can be called into question by so many arguments, not least of all it is un-falsifiable; but also, it is a conclusion based on the meta-analysis of empirical observations.  Naturally, all of these premises can be called into questions, as can the validity and certainly the soundness of the argument; but, the documentation is out there if you bother to look. 
          I can think of plenty of documentation from everyday folks witnessing monks from the Eastern Orthodox Traditions, the Tibetan Rainbow Body of dying Rinpohes and practitioners, also the yogic and Hindu mystics; the list goes on and on :-)
      In kind regards,
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