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14861Re: [Meditation Society of America] Re: Mixology

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  • Bruce Morgen
    Apr 22, 2006
      jogeshwarmahanta wrote:

      >Is mixology a confuseology or claritology?
      Yes, it seems. :-)

      On a more serious note, if
      anything approaching
      universal clarity were
      possible in mere words, the
      astonishing variety in
      written and spoken pointings
      toward the fact of nonduality
      would be quite unnecessary
      other than as some sort
      multi-millennial creative
      writing exercise. For some,
      the spare eloquence of a J.
      Krishnamurti serves, for
      others it may be the thought-
      stunning riddling of a Zen
      koan or the simple, achingly
      beautiful verse or a Rumi
      or Hafiz. Afaik, none of
      these is has ever been
      published with a warranty.

      >--- In meditationsocietyofamerica@yahoogroups.com, "Jeff Belyea"
      ><jeff@...> wrote:
      >>Bruce raised an issue
      >>that clearly casts "light"
      >>on much of the difficulty
      >>in communications.
      >>In the great majority of
      >>debates or discussions
      >>that take on a lawerly
      >>tone, there is a mix of
      >>literal and figurative
      >>language. Beyond that,
      >>or exacerbating that,
      >>is a mix of relative and
      >>absolute expressions, used
      >>to negate (neti neti) the
      >>others point of view.
      >>A great ploy of the advaita
      >>speakers is to point out
      >>the necessarily dualistic
      >>error of relative language
      >>in the expression of absolute
      >>nondual perspective, in an
      >>attempt to win the point.
      >>Mega mixology!
      >>As a short aside:
      >>When Bruce wrote of never
      >>seeing a person "glow", he
      >>was purposely practicing
      >>mixology, yet, many of the
      >>past master artists incorporated
      >>a literal "halo" around the
      >>head of holy men in their work.
      >>"There is no one to be
      >>enlightened." True, in
      >>the absolute sense of
      >>nonduality. Yet, we are
      >>living, breathing, typing
      >>and communicating in the
      >>world of duality. Even
      >>attempting to express
      >>nonduality uses the tools
      >>(illusory as they may be)
      >>of duality.
      >>In my recent "beams" I
      >>mixed the use of light,
      >>to the point of being
      >>labeled "literal-minded".
      >>(Which brought a beaming
      >>smile). Yet, my intent
      >>was to use "infused with
      >>light", literally, because
      >>of my personal experience
      >>and the huge body of work
      >>that references a similar
      >>occurance...and, I used
      >>to be infused with light,
      >>as in enlightenment -
      >>removal of darkness
      >>(of understanding) in
      >>a manner of figurative
      >>It's a crazy, mixed-up
      >>Your friendly neighborhood
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