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  • Jason <jfishman2@msn.com>
    Dec 29, 2002
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      How truly insightful the words you write. Words to the "I"
      unexperienced are only mere words and can be found in many texts.
      Your energies toward others eternal peace is always a wonderful read.


      What magnificent questions! The peace you write of is sought by
      many, it is not the peace eternal. Through this site and many others
      that have touched the "beyond" (for lack of a better description)
      there are tools that may help you see the meaning of the words that
      G has written. Many forms of meditation practices are available, as
      well as, libraries full of text that are at the disposal for others
      looking "beyond" the "i" (morality, society, change, form and
      knowledge are just a few of the basis of "i"). Only within ones self
      will one find the truth, for it is within, that all begins and ends.

      Peace on your journey

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      > >
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      > > Hello G,
      > Hello and Namaste-
      > >
      > > I think people can share the answers that they have
      > > found, but it will be just that: sharing and nothing
      > > more. As there aren't two persons on the Earth that
      > > are the same, one's answers couldn't fit to the
      > > other's life.
      > G: i am not addressing relative answers... nor relative knowledge
      > which is transient.. i am addressing the Unchanging Eternal Truth
      > which Changes Not... there is a vast differance between the
      > i agree until the Eternal Truth is known one lives in a
      > of thier own colorations and each is in a world of thier own
      > making... no two live life the same Except those that are within
      > world but no longer of it.... until then what you say is true
      > enough but i say in all honesty that there is a way out of the
      > of conditionings .....
      > B: The first step to the wisdom is self knowing. So, maybe the
      > can help only here: to know yourself better.
      > G: i agree... this is why i work with people one to one so that
      > they can find out HOW to come to Know the Essense of Self versus
      > relational ego identity which is viewed as the self in its
      > This can only happen when you are no longer chasing the externals
      > try to find out who you are but instead go within and find out
      > you are NOT until only that which is unmoving Remains...
      > B: I don't know what the Truth is, or where is, but i do
      > > know that once you've found yourself being in the true way you
      > and doing everything as your true being says, that is truth for
      > G: how can you make that statement after saying that you don't
      > what the Truth is? that is a rationalization of simply following
      > ego desires and accepting that is what propels who you are... but
      > you are content within this then fine go for it... but you will
      > that it brings you no lasting happiness or peace ...
      > B: That makes me fear less, and gives me courage to move on. The
      > is true, the less is fear...
      > G: then rather than chase fantasy's Stop and start to go within
      > question what you are ... Live your highest Truth and Live from
      > Gratitude and Love... Those are high ideals and will give you a
      > focus to start... There is Nothing to Fear except living in
      > continued ignorance which is what causes and continues the path of
      > pain or chasing false desires taking them to be paths to
      > fulfillment... Seek to experience Truth above all... Start with
      > Gratitude and then move into Love...
      > B: > If the answers are not in the mind and not in the feelings,
      > where are they?
      > G: they are Not in the relative world or it's outcomes... it is
      > beyond within the Source... when you have surrendered your all to
      > Source then Grace will come.. Grace pulls one into Source..
      > the illusion of the world is dispelled and the Truth is KNOWN at
      > level... no longer a conjecture but as a FACT... in THAT moment
      > the search ends and Life is Lived.. you must go there through
      > Heart.. i speak not to the heart of feelings and emotions but the
      > Heart of Truth which is within where no within or without
      > It may indeed be entered into... you are a Temple of the Living
      > and within is where Truth is found...
      > B: Everything is relative on this Universe!!
      > G: this is why Christ said be in the world but Not of it... i am
      > not speaking to the relative Universe.. yet if you KNOW from
      > which it springs you will KNOW the relative Universe as it
      > if you KNOW yourself then you will Know from where it
      > B: And everything is changing!!
      > G: within the relative yes... that is so... within the Infinite
      > Source it is eternally the Unchanging Truth... Once that is
      > Known then you have a Stable Foundation.. you know while the
      > Universe is ever in flux it remains within and permeated by
      > Unchanging Constant and minus the personal identity you are
      > B: > Everything is born and after a while is dying...
      > G: only form which is from the earthly elements falls away...
      > the form is only a vehicle of experience within this plane of
      > existance but you are beyond and more than this plane of
      > existance....
      > B: > creatures, plants, stars etc.. There is a path that we
      > > are following... everyone has a path of it's own... i
      > > have my path and i shall follow it. But it's up to me
      > > to let the things flow (in the right way) or to interveen and
      > my own stream...
      > G: yes everyone has Free Will... and may stay following the
      > transient and caught within the web of their own spinning...
      > chasing desire after empty desire.. coming round after round
      > into birth and death within this physical plane of form or may
      > move forward to more subtle planes and higher awareness...
      > No one says that you have to be liberated... you have a right
      > to your life whatever it is as long as you do not cause the
      > suffering to others and in that you will pay the karmic debts
      > that you create...
      > B: > What is "BEYOND"?
      > G: hahahahaha BEYOND is what the rational mind cannot cognise nor
      > see... it is THAT which is beyond the 5 senses not seen with
      > physical eyes or ears...
      > B: Where is that?
      > G: it is everywhere present but not known nor seen unless Divine
      > Eyes and Wisdom are opened...
      > B: What does it mean? Is it easy to get there (beyond)?
      > G: for some it is easier than others... but it comes only when
      > truly within their heart of hearts desires to KNOW and Cognise
      > The Truth or God.. it takes being able to lay yourself on the
      > sacrificial altar of truth until only the Source remains...
      > The ornament of personal self is melted and refined until the
      > Substance of Gold is known from which it was created from...
      > The vision of the Ornament receeds and the Substance which is
      > ever pure is KNOWN to be the Truth of its existance... the form
      > which it finds itself in is simply due to the fashioning of
      > external elements and conditioning - the worker fashions it
      > a unique piece but the substance remains ever the same...
      > Core Self is the Substance of the Eternal ONE that One has no
      > relationship with other but is Whole as IS.....
      > B: I don't see a problem in "the changing I", uncontrarely, i see
      > is a good thing, what would we do if we won't ever change?
      > G: hahahahaha as long as an "I" remains there will be change...
      > form all changes... but beyond the relative I cognition is THAT
      > which is Beyond Birth and Death... there is only LIFE for death
      > not touch that ONE... death touches the finite illusion and the
      > dream of the dreamer... but you are in Truth not this finite
      > creation... Truth is Unchanging.. Reality which the transient
      > rests within and is permeated by does not change... Only the outer
      > layer changes like the panorama of a movie across and empty
      > unchanging screen... the Light that makes the vision seen is the
      > reflection of Source... the intellect which gives the ability to
      > know and cognise is also the outcome or reflection of Source...
      > B: I would like to change (in the better)!!
      > G: the personality changes while the Source is unchanging and is
      > as IS.... it is the mind that changes and with the mind the
      > actions...
      > When the Purity Is Known then actions will come into alignment
      > THAT Knowing...
      > B: I don't think that others can give you any guidance... i
      > > that the only guidance that may be true is the one from our
      > G: yes others may give Guidance but you must walk the way
      > others that have already walked the path inwards Know the way
      > the detours that the ego self would take and get lost within...
      > One that has mastered the Maze knows its turns and twists and
      > route ... others attempting to find it on their own have an
      > infinitely more difficult time of it...
      > B: To feel it's right! What is the "Source"? My ego is
      > it can change...
      > G: hahahahaha and so the ego thinks.... Has ego brought you
      > has Ego brought you lasting Joy and Knowing the Eternal from
      > transient? Can Ego dispel the illusion of death? the ego -
      > which clings to the form and transient is death...
      > B: > depends on my inner state. What i don't understand is why
      > people want to get rid of the past, when the past is the only
      > that helps them understand?!
      > G: as long as you are caught up in past things then you are not
      > if it can be viewed with dispassion then one can see through
      > fallacy of pasts mis-adventures... you either live NOW or not
      > at all... can you bring back a past happening? No..
      > you cannot cling to a past event of glory nor can you dispel
      > a past event of pain by trying to re-create it and resolve
      > it may simply be seen as coming from ignorance and when the
      > truth of it all is cognised it no longer has a hold upon the
      > Now...
      > B: So here's how i see the things: there is the past – the
      > to be analysed – and the the heart –which represents the present
      > this case. In order to do a change to myself i use those tools. In
      > order to make a decision, i use those tools..
      > G: if you can do with without reaction... for most are not seeing
      > clearly but instead reacting to situations based upon past...
      > a reaction is not making a rational decision but simply having
      > an immediate response to a situation which is most often blown
      > out of proportion to the unfolding event at hand... IF on
      > the other hand one is in the moment without reacting to a past
      > event then there is clarity to see the unfolding situation at
      > present in clarity without the glasses of past conditioning...
      > One can use witnessing or being a step back from what is
      > unfolding to learn from and change the patterns that have been
      > established from past events that are reations.. if you are
      > far enough removed from the drama at hand you Can see the
      > enquire into them and then they will fall....
      > B: everything that i do and will do i'll use those tools...
      > > So, this is me: a mind, a soul and a consciousness which i think
      > the witness you are talking about)--there is nothing relative in
      > that. What i know is that i started existing since my parents made
      > > me and i will stop being when i will die (because i
      > > think that without a conscious people don't exist.
      > G: so start where you are and find out if that is true or not...
      > What is consciousness? is it attached to a brain? is it
      > attached to a body form? those that have experienced out of
      > body experiences Know that it is not... in meditation one can
      > know that it depends not on the body in the least... the body
      > must have consciousness to operate but consciousness does not
      > need a gross body to live... there is the gross form and a
      > subtle form and the subtle form is ongoing...
      > B: > When people die, their mind, soul and conscious dies
      > > too)..
      > G: on what evidence do you have that you can make that
      > you do not Know that to be truth but have accepted as a
      > that it is so....
      > B: So, this world exists as long as i exist. When i shall not be
      > anymore, this world will stop existing for me... Perception is the
      > one that makes us see the things around us. My perception will
      > when i'll close my eyes forever..
      > G: so why try to change anything or be better if you truly
      > that you are some finite creature? if you truly believe that
      > death is the end then why to be better at all? it is because
      > death is Not the end and that within people have a conscience
      > which speaks to this fact... it might be slight but it is
      > for they have lived many times before and will live again the
      > same unfolding dramas until the Truth sets them free from their
      > own creations...
      > B: > What is Jnana?
      > G: it is the path of Direct Knowledge.. it is one in which the
      > seeker is guided to find out the wisdom and truth within
      > themselves.... it is not a set of facts which are *taught*
      > and told to be accepted... it is a path wherein the Teacher
      > /Guide instructs and gives the tools to go within and to
      > discover the Source that IS....
      > B: And what is shanti om?
      > Om is the representation and eternal sound of the Formless
      > Source...
      > Shanti means Peace.... Maha-Shanti means Great Peace...
      > shanti shanti Maha Shanti OM ...g...
      > > Thank you,
      > > mirela
      > you are welcome
      > .g.
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