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  • Peter
    Apr 20 10:53 PM
      I suggest if you want to be enlightnened then shut up and maybe you
      might have a chance to awaken. Enlightenment has nothing to do with
      sitting around talking about it or pondering it.... It is beyound your
      reach..... So, sit down and shut up.../And oh by the way, if while you
      are meditating and you have some eperiance remember it is just more
      thoughts. When you are beyond thought beyond wanting beyond thinking..
      then maybe you will glimpes for a moment samahdi which is still not
      enlightenment.. but if you can hold samadhi constantly then you will
      begin to become enlightened..... all of this nonsensical chatter just
      takes your away from that which you seek... And as long as you desire
      enlightenment you will not achive it.. So, sit down shut up and stop
      thinking... If you can't do that then you have no chance