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    Apr 20, 2006
      Hey Jody when one meditates he or she does it to feel the presence of God and His Super Intelligence insude as well as obtain peace of mind, heart and soul,. Not with a purpose  to gain material success or anything else. Once you are selfish in meditation its not a meditation but shallow thinking which will not get you the spititual enlightenment nor inner peace, happiness, or strength.
      You can better achieve worldly success by higher education, hard work etc. and not by meditation alone.

      jodyrrr <jodyrrr@...> wrote:
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      > hi jody:
      > you wrote:
      > > I've never meditated for gain or
      > > accomplishment.
      > just curious whether you would be willing
      > to articulate what moves you to meditate
      > and what your experience is of meditating.
      > what value or benefit do you find, assuming
      > it is positive for you?
      > love,
      > --josie

      There isn't much to say, Josie.  My guru gave
      the mantra and so I say it.  I imagine there
      are benefits, but I don't think about them and
      couldn't really say except maybe that the mind
      is a bit more calm than it would have been

         AND HE WHO SADDLES ANOTHER ''. AGH.          

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