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14732Could this be called a practice?

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  • Maria Luisa
    Apr 4, 2006
      In my view, all the practices can be reduced to one single practice.
      At the end, all of them lead to it, if so. Purifications, letting
      go´s, observation, discrimination, repetitions, being still, intents of
      mindfullness, meditation, being in the now, focussing, and whatever,
      can be reduced into simple self enquiry, which does not need of much
      training. It is one step practice. If we can call it so. In any case,
      there is no guarantee of it 'functioning', for the needed
      concetration for this depends on how able one is to be still, let go,
      observe, discriminate, concentrate..........:-) or just how tired,
      exhausted, one is of being the one, one is supposed to be. But let´s

      Thoughts are impermanent for they arise and disappear. The first or
      most recurrent thought tends to be the thought 'I'. To follow the
      trade of this thought until reaching the source from where it takes
      rise would make evident that this thought appears as if from nothing,
      to then disappear into the same place.
      The biggest cloud in this respect is that we believe that thoughts
      occur to us. MY thoughts, taking this thinker as "I", which in
      reality is the root thought. "I" is a thought. First premise, yes,
      but nobody is ever convinced of this, so that is why it is suggested
      to investigate the 'place' from where this "I", as a thought,
      appears. And that´s all that can be done. Only when there is the
      eagerness to do this investigation, I mean, when one is really tired
      of being this "I", (of the seeking I) is when self enquiry is in
      truth done.

      Realization of the reality of what we are is so simple, so near, so
      obvious and immediate, but at the same time, we are so used (immersed
      in the tendency) to follow the thoughts and their continuity which
      generates stories, that it seems rare and difficult to recognize that
      This, (which seems as if no-where, no-place, as if nothing, from
      which the thought 'I' or any other thought arises), Is what we are.
      Even to mention this would make a lot of people run away, for almost
      nobody wants to buy this scary proposition.
      Now, following the thread
      (of thoughts :-))
      being this a tendency (to follow the thoughts), the practice of self
      enquiry (to follow the trade of the thought 'I') is a direct and
      efficient way to cut such tendency from its root. Which, as well as I
      can try to express, does not mean that no more thoughts will ever
      appear, but that their appearances will be known or recognized as
      what they are: just appearances in that (which I really am) , this no
      name something or nothing which some call present awareness, others
      name it nothingness and some others call it consciousness or void (a
      non fashionable way would be God) and the way I use to express it is
      'existence from ever and for ever'.

      (I seem to be mentioning a 'way' here, which also seems to be out of
      fashion, but I will dare to continue with this.)
      If we can call this a practice, between the so called purifying
      practices for a 'mind to be ready for enlightenment' or to 'deserve
      the Grace', as some seekers use to place, this would be an effective
      one. Ramana Maharshi said about self enquiry that it was the practice
      and the goal. But then again, everybody wants something better than
      what they have (are) now, so there is always something missing, grace
      is missing, the right moment has not come yet, and so on.
      The purification that so many practices called 'spiritual' seek, is
      in reality, as I have understood, the cutting of the road we are used
      to follow, this means, to make a very strong STOP in the current of
      thoughts that tend to arise, and to pay attention to that or this,
      which is as if from no where, as if from nothing, that from where
      this same attention arise and disappears. Not being attention
      directed to any other thought in this instant, attention disappears
      in its own source. (Well, at least I am trying to explain how I think
      it may happen, though it may not happen this way) All there is, then,
      is what always is in this very instant from ever and for ever. Any
      other instant (before or after) is just another thought happening in
      this instant.

      These are my ideas about the 'way'. But trully, trully, what I am
      sure is that there is no way, only what happens in this instant which
      (for me) could be expressed as 'existence from ever and for ever'.
      So, a way to get where? Nowhere, only the possible recognition of the
      nature of this ever present reality is what may happen in this instant.

      Maria Luisa
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