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14726Re: Prayer Ineffective

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  • Nirodha (Bill Gray)
    Apr 3, 2006
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      This study would have probably found prayer more effective if the
      patients had actually prayed for themselves instead of having others
      do it for them.

      People have long been aware of the healing effects of contemplation -
      - this includes meditation and prayer in all of it's wonderful forms.
      But, this only seems to work when one is an active participant in the
      contemplation and has been trained to do it skillfully.

      I'm not surprised the effects were gauged as minimal or even damaging
      for those that were being prayed for. I don't know of any spiritual
      path that promises a reward for the inactive -- I understand that
      these people were sick and asked to do this for the study, so I'm not
      without compassion for them.

      To paraphrase the Buddha: One has to do the work themselves, the
      Buddha's only show the way.

      Happiness and Ease to you all,
      Nirodha (Bill Gray)
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