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  • Rushikant Mehta
    Mar 29, 2006
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      Hello Jessie !
      Vipassana meditation system (www.dhamma.org) is widely catching up with schools in India. It's non-sectarian, universally acceptable & has no religious conotations. Children love it. If the school management is supportive, the results are a pleasant surprise. It's taught in prisions in USA too with wonderful results.
      Be happy. To know how, learn Vipassana.

      jessieK75 <jessiek75@...> wrote:
      I asked the question what are some possible barriers to teaching
      meditation in schools? Personally i think that there really aren't too
      many, if any!Initally i thought there might be problems with the
      different religions, but even catholic religion has meditation. The
      reason I'm asking is because i noticed that in America there are many
      schools which teach meditation. However, i am in Australia, and finding
      that there are hardly any schools which teach it. I'm wanting to change
      this and I figure if the type of meditation which is used (e.g.,
      concentrative meditation) is one which doesn't have any religious
      conotation attached it will be more likely to be accepted into a wide
      range of schools. but i'm finding it hard to identify any barriers to
      doing this, and i think it is important to be aware of them if they
      thanks jessie

      May All Beings be Happy, be Peaceful, be Liberated from Misery.

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