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14711Re: Teaching inner peace in schools

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  • aideenmck
    Mar 27, 2006
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      > > > What might be some problems that would arise from teaching
      > > peace
      > > > with in the school system? I think that teaching meditation to
      > > children
      > > > at a young age is a great idea, especially if you can start it
      > > a
      > > > time when they are just developing theory of mind "ability to
      > > attribute
      > > > mental states to others" which usually occurs around the age
      of 3-
      > > 4
      > > > yrs.The evidence is out there for the phyisological benifits
      > > > meditation and also the psychological, but i want to know what
      > > people
      > > > would think might be some problems.
      > > > thanks for your opinions
      > > >
      > > I think that if meditation is not taught within school systems,
      > > there's not a lot of hope for humanity and the planet. However,
      > > currently happen to be living in an area where many people have
      > > raised in a very conservative Christian atmosphere , where the
      > > and new bible testaments are read literally and who
      > > want "creationism" taught as science. They are very frightened
      > > there is even a whisper of such an eventuality.
      > > Aideen.
      > >
      > What a small universe it is! Just this afternoon,
      > I was talking with the producer of the Sunday
      > Morning CBS News. What she was doing was researching
      > a story she is doing about meditation programs
      > now being offered in different education venues.
      > I don't think there is anything more important for
      > the Meditation Society of America to do than to help
      > meditation become a part of every curriculum in
      > every school. This is the best hope to change the
      > "fear" that some have about life in general, and
      > meditation in particular, into realizing that the
      > most beneficial thing possible that we can do for
      > ourselves and our children is to share concepts
      > and techniques that lead to greater self knowledge
      > and self control, and also get people "high"
      > without the negative consequences that drugs bring
      > with their use.
      > In any event, I know that mostly I'm
      > preaching to the choir here, but hope that the
      > upcoming CBS report brings us closer to achieving
      > the aim of having Meditation in Education.
      > Peace and blessings,
      > Bob
      Wonderful! - I hope so, too - the fear is considerable. Many of my
      neighbors think that the sort of "high" brought about by self-
      knowledge is "of the devil" & it's very difficult to show them
      otherwise. They would fight hard to keep what they perceive as
      occult practices out of the schools.
      Looking forward to the CBS Sunday Morning segment.
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