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  • medit8ionsociety
    Mar 17, 2006
      I found this post on KnifeForums:

      Ok did you know that if the 11 dimensions of reality
      proposed by string theory are correct....

      Every range of choices you have ever made, from turning
      left or right in car, to larger and more complex decisions...
      it may be true that you make all of those choices but your
      sensory reality and perceptive awareness defined within a
      given dimension leaves you unable to perceive the "other"
      realities that were created by you making the other choices.
      You are left, by dimensional design, only being aware of a
      single choice, perceiving that single and limited aspect
      of awareness as "reality". Because of the dimensional
      separation and your inability to perceive beyond those
      limits, you find a "reality" only appearing to experience
      the repercussions and results of the single choice you made.
      Yet some aspect of your larger self is learning from,
      suffering from, celebrating, regretting, etc... and
      experiencing them all, at once. The other dimensional
      realities may even influence future choices, and feelings,
      and all the aspects of what you experience within the single
      dimension your mind perceives as real, trapped within the
      perceptual awareness limited by the structure of the universe.
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