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14698Being Serious About Meditation

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  • medit8ionsociety
    Mar 15, 2006
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      A new member of this group shared that they
      wanted to get "serious" about meditation.
      In a way this is like feeding a comedian
      a straight line, and I'm tempted to come
      back with some wise-guy remark like
      "Seriously, you can't possibly be serious
      about meditation", but I won't....er,
      I guess I just did:-) Anyway, an old friend
      40+years ago said to me that my "problem" was
      that I took serious things that aren't, and
      didn't take seriously enough the things that
      were. And he was right on. This was back in
      hippie days and I was all concerned with sex,
      drugs, rock and roll and ending the Vietnam war.
      I actually was "spiritually seeking" as well,
      but doing it in a way that just came down to
      finding new and better ways to get high, and
      that's what in part started the assembling of the
      meditation techniques that appear on our web
      site Meditation Station http://www.meditationsociety.com
      But eventually the realization came that evolving in
      consciousness was the only real "hope" I (or any
      of us) have. Our bodies will surely fade away,
      as will our thoughts and emotions. The only
      possible thing that may survive is our consciousness.
      And that's what meditation deals with. The practicing
      of a technique or a few that bring you peace is the
      best thing you can do for yourself for now and
      if there is a possibility of forever, forever.
      Read all you can, be in the company of those who
      have an advanced level of spiritual knowledge and
      demonstrate it in their actions and reactions, avoid
      those who "bring you down", try to be consistent
      in your practice, rid yourself of the habit of
      habits, don't waste time rehashing the past or
      trying to plot the future, witness your life as it
      takes place, be selfless in thought and action,
      and all the other things that follow the basic
      game plan for spiritual growth that the great
      Swami Sivananda put so well "Be good. Do good".
      And the best specific to meditation advice I
      can give you is to actually meditate.
      Peace and blessings,