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14685Re: [Meditation Society of America] overwhelmed beginer can someone tell me where i am and how i got here?

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  • Bruce Morgen
    Mar 3, 2006
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      Jeff Belyea wrote:

      >--- In meditationsocietyofamerica@yahoogroups.com, "JESSICA"
      ><jlmulli2692@...> wrote:
      >>is there a camp or somewhere i can go a like to get classes a school
      >>or something, i thought i was smart but i feel dumb here. i dont
      >>know what bandied is i have to look up alot of words. i need
      >>tutoring. but i know the site is wonderfully helpful. im glad to
      >>have found it. i have learned alot thus far. ty
      >Hi Jessica -
      >Here's a beginning:
      >Breathe. Easy and
      >natural, right?
      >Now, notice when you
      >are inhaling and notice
      >when you are exhaling.
      >Do this for a few minutes
      >(maybe after the kids are
      >settled for the evening).
      >When thoughts come in (and
      >they will) let them go, and
      >simply return to noticing
      >when you are inhaling and
      >when you are exhaling.
      >Allow yourself to relax
      >with each exhale. Just be
      >quietly aware of your
      >immediate surroundings
      >while you do this.
      >Congratulations. You are
      >now a meditator.
      Excellent starting advice.
      As time goes on, you may
      want to refine this simple
      practice by (for example)
      inhaling through the nose
      but exhaling through the
      mouth, and altering details
      of your posture, such as
      learning/assuming lotus
      position and/or turning the
      palms upward in receptivity
      -- or not. :-)
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