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14682Re: [Meditation Society of America] overwhelmed beginer can someone tell me where i am and how i got here?

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  • Sandeep
    Mar 3, 2006
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      JESSICA wrote:
      this is so frustrating to me. Im a new mom at 28, i have a 1 year old
      and just turned 3 yr old. when i had them a door opend up to me and
      now im on my journey. so far its led me here, but i feel like im in a
      different world that speaks a foreign language. i know im on the right
      path, but the lingo is really hard for me to grasp.

      Forget all that is being bandied about.
      im really trying.
      the thing on spaciousness, i gather is to clear your mind? is there a
      study i can go to? a place? somewhere i can learn as a beginer to
      meditation and everything that goes with it?
      Bob's site has all the tools for you.

      Playfully wander about and pick up whatever sits well on you.
      so far i feel like im a
      hitchhiker on the right road but not knowing where im going.

      Well, if you don't care where you are, you ain't  never lost.

      You can only be lost, if you believe there is home.

      i just
      want to be enlightend to the universe and other extensions that i am
      finding are out there besides me.its like i want to yell "Can someone
      tell me where i am, And how i got here?"
      Ascertain what or who is that "i" in both those questions.....

      .....and the very questions would have been resolved.

      lol seriously im finding this a beautiful world but im not sure whats next?
      There ain't any.:-)

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