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  • medit8ionsociety
    Feb 19, 2006
      From an interesting email we got yesterday -
      and my answer - If anyone feels like adding
      their input, I'm sure it will be very welcomed.
      Peace and blessings,

      Just to give you a little backround: I have been
      meditating for about 6 months now. I have some
      (meditation) CDs which I LOVE. Sometimes I listen
      to those and other times I am just quiet and still
      focusing on my breathing.

      I noticed that I started to get random flashbacks from
      things way in my past. For example, I was sitting at
      my desk at work and all of a sudden a toy would appear
      in my head that I had as a little girl (now I'm 40).
      I wasn't thinking about this toy at all. It just popped
      up. That has been happening a lot. I am also having a
      lot more lucid dreams.

      I find one thing conflicting about meditation though.
      If a person is supposed to keep her mind clear and not
      let any thoughts in, how will outer problems be solved.
      It would seem to me that a person should just think about
      the problem and then let ideas pop up and not judge the

      When I meditate I like to picture Jesus sitting in front
      of me meditating also and I like to imagine He is going
      to let thoughts into my mind that He thinks will help me
      in life. But if I'm supposed to block my thoughts in
      order to stay clear, how would I get any guidance? Perhaps
      I am misunderstanding the concept.

      Your thoughts? Thanks.

      Yo C,
      I think that there is actually no conflict at all. If
      my memory is correct (and memory being just a
      form/collection of thoughts, and thus not all that
      reliable:-), in our list of meditations on our site,
      the #1 listed one deals with giving your suffering to
      a deity. And as you already are practicing a very similar
      method wherein Jesus gives you the thoughts you need
      to use to help your life, the more and more empty you
      are of "Cheryl's thoughts", the more and more space you
      have to fill up with Divine thoughts. Focusing on your
      breath and just being quiet does create the environment
      that is conducive to mastering your mind and having it
      be proper soil for holy fruit to arise. But as you try
      to witness your thoughts unreactively, your mind will
      probably try to distract you by making the thoughts more
      complex or increase their quantity, or fill you with bliss
      or fear, or in some way get you distracted and place you
      in a position of reactivity to them. This is our usual
      state - a slave to our thoughts, and our mind likes the
      position of slave master very much and will do anything
      to keep that arrangement going. As both Buddha and Jesus
      sat for 40 days in meditation, their mind (the devil?)
      gave them amazingly beautiful and also very terrifying
      thoughts. They maintained their peace, saw through the
      illusions of the mind, and knew their Real nature and
      what to do with their lives. And as we sit in meditation,
      we will witness thoughts go by. And between those thoughts
      will always be our Real nature ready to present ItSelf.
      And in the present moment when we are Graced with this
      vision, a revision of "Who we are" will take place, and
      that will be the greatest present of all. So my suggestion
      is to keep meditating and just to allow whatever comes
      to come, and as your intention is good, I'm confident
      that good will come to you. But if not, it's OK to try
      a different technique. My criteria is that a meditation
      is a "good" one if it brings you peace. And if it takes
      your peace away, it is a "bad" one for you. But please
      be aware that even if a technique brings you great bliss,
      it may not be a good one. This is not that uncommon, as
      we see that sometimes people find methods that cause them
      to keep seeking bliss and makes them suffer when they are
      not in bliss. And thus they have really had their peace
      taken away from them. Drug users are examples of this
      type experience as we see them getting great joy while
      "high", but also see them suffer enormously when not
      getting that "rush". So we can see that for them, the
      drugs are a "bad" meditation technique, as it has taken
      their peace away, and we can learn from that. And that's
      a great part of what meditation is about - learning what
      is real and what is not, and what is peace-giving and what
      is not. In any event, I think that there is no better
      thing we can do to evolve in Self knowledge and in
      consciousness than meditation. Persevere!

      Peace and blessings,
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