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14654Question About Meditation Becfoming More Powerful

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  • medit8ionsociety
    Feb 17, 2006
      We received an interesting email question yesterday
      that I answered (and have copied below with very
      little editing). If you would like to add your own
      answer, I'm sure that Cheryl would be glad to have
      your input.

      > Hi.
      > When someone says their meditations are becoming more
      powerful, what does that mean?
      > Thanks,
      > Cheryl
      > Indiana
      > Cheryl_Rogan@...

      Dear Cheryl,
      I think that very often people actually are referring
      to Concentration when they talk about Meditation. There
      is an article on our web site titled What Is Meditation
      that I suggest you check out that I think deals well
      with this subject http://www.meditationsociety.com
      But basically Concentration is the continual effort to
      focus on an object of meditation. This can be virtually
      any thing or any concept. For instance, it can be a word
      or phrase repeated over and over, gazing at an object like
      a picture of a Divinity, a concept like love or eternity
      or who I am, the coming and going of the breath, the immediate
      environment, what any of the 5 senses are experiencing,
      and on and on. But in any event, there is an effort being
      made, and there is an expanding yet also calming of
      mentation and soothing physical and emotional feelings
      take place. At some point, a state of consciousness comes
      to you, simply, powerfully, automatically and effortlessly.
      What may happen then is a direct knowing and at-one-ment
      with the object of meditation. You just sit back and receive
      it like a viewer of a movie receives the picture. The Highest
      Power, or whatever you like to call It, is the projectionist
      and the theater is your minds-eye. The intensity of
      understanding is beyond any mere theorizing or memory of
      the object of meditation and real first hand in-sight is
      experienced. And that is what is Meditation. An example
      of the difference of the depth of understanding about the
      object of meditation between Concentration and Meditation
      is often given as the difference between talking about what
      an orange tastes like and actually eating one. You have
      experiential knowledge, not just theoretical.

      There is a Universal Self Consciousness that precedes your
      "separate from the rest of the universe" state of consciousness,
      and as Meditation comes to you, more and more the layers of
      delusion that have enveloped and hidden It peel away like
      the skin coming off an onion. And when all the layers are
      gone, what remains is the pure essence that creates,
      sustains and destroys all there is. Realization of This can
      be said to be when meditations are power-full. But all
      of this explanation is being done with words, and meditation
      can only really be known by meditation. So I suggest that to
      know about meditation becoming more powerful, you meditate
      and find out experientially what It is all about. I wish you well.
      Peace and blessings,
      Bob Rose, President,
      Meditation Society of America
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