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  • Jeff Belyea
    Feb 17, 2006
      High Achievement & Self-Realization

      A few months ago, Tom Brady, the richly successful New England
      Patriots' NFL football team quarterback, was interviewed on "60
      Minutes". This handsome, gifted, rich young man, who owns a treasure
      chest of Superbowl rings, MVP awards, multi-million dollar sports
      and commercial endorsement contracts, and a future in whichÂ…the
      Sky's The Limit, had one burning question in his life that he openly

      Tom Brady asked himself, on national television, "Is this all there

      The more I thought about his comment (to him, rhetorical question),
      the more I began to form an idea for some commentary. That
      commentary has now grown into the seed of an idea for a new
      magazine. I plan to call it, "The Sky's The Limit", The Magazine of
      High Achievement. The following is some of the developing
      commentary. Comments are welcomed (to a great extent)and interested
      writers are invited to submit article concepts or completed original
      writings (keeping in mind that the concept is only in idea stage):

      The Sky's The Limit is about high achievement and self-realization,
      or as Abraham Maslow called it, "Self-Actualization". Given Tom
      Brady's expressed internal angst, these two elements do not
      necessarily meet on the same playing field. High achievers,
      celebrities of varying stars and stripes, and financially successful
      people - by anyone's standards, do not automatically feel successful
      or fulfilled. Those who profess self-realization, on the other hand,
      whether successful in worldly terms or not (though many are), do
      consider themselves successful and fulfilled. They possess a clarity
      that leaves no questions, especially not the one asked by Mr. Brady.
      They "know" what "Is", and what "Is" means.

      Our editorial and pictorial features will focus on the various paths
      to success taken by high achievers, and we will look in on the
      lifestyles of those who have been blessed with material success and
      abundance. We will approach this subject with fascinated awe, in
      admiration, and for inspiration. At the same time, we will attempt
      to locate and search deeply into the workings of the minds (and
      hearts) of those who can speak from direct experiential knowledge
      about the rare mystical blessing that bestows a richness in life far
      transcending material success - self-realization.

      We'll talk to the self-realized, the rich ones and those of modest
      means among them. We'll talk to the multi-millionaires - the
      billionaires, if possible. We'll ask what motivates all of them. And
      we'll talk to the internationally recognized motivators, and ask
      what motivates the motivator. We'll visit their homes, peek in their
      closets, drive their cars, sail on their yachts, dine at their
      favorite tables, spend time with their gurus, meditate, visualize,
      go to their churches, and do yoga with them...God willing.

      We will begin with an inaugural issue in April 2006, as a regional
      issue, born of the sunny weather and sunny dispositions of the Tampa
      Bay area, from Tampa to Sarasota, Florida. We'll seek to find our
      share of local high achievers and realizers, and with good fortune,
      sprinkle our first edition with words of wisdom, or at least
      practical advice, from those who have risen to national and
      international acclaim.

      How far will we go to discover their secrets, share them with our
      readers, emulate their style, and model their methods for success,
      high achievement, and self-actualization?

      Sky's The Limit.

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