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  • medit8ionsociety
    Feb 3, 2006
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      I found this Article by Swami Chidananda to not
      only explain many aspects about Lord Karthikeya
      (whom I had never heard of before, or if I did,
      can't remember), but also found it to present a
      360 degree look at leading a life that will help
      your evolution in consciousness. It presents the
      great non-dual pointing that "worship" of Lord
      Karthikeya represents, and virtually all the
      ingredients that comprise Raja Yoga, the yoga of
      meditation. Enjoy!
      Peace and blessings,

      Essential Ingredients of a
      Victorious Spiritual Life

      Sri Swami Chidananda

      When the forces of the celestials were unable to
      overcome the dark and gross forces of the demoniacal
      hosts, they appealed to the supreme grace that God
      is to grant them a leader, a commander, so that they
      might once again rally their forces, give battle in a
      decisive manner, and thus triumph over the forces of
      darkness. The battle represents the eternal struggle,
      the eternal tension within the field of consciousness
      of each individual psyche, the two-way pull between the
      positive and the negative, between the gross and the
      subtle, between light and darkness, between Spirit and
      that which holds it bound to its present state—a situation,
      a state of being that is inexplicable, and, therefore,
      is termed as the cosmic illusion of the eternal enchantress
      or the great power of Brahman, maya. It is this tension that
      is enacted and resolved in the six-day worship of Lord

      Karthikeya has as His banner the emblem of a cock, the cock
      that crows in the morning waking you up from the deep
      slumber of the night's darkness and calling you towards
      the dawn that is about to break over the hilltops.
      Uttishthata jagrata—arise, awake, and gather all your forces
      together by patient and diligent effort. Gather together the
      scattered rays of your entire personality potential—your
      physical activity, your sentiments, attachments, affections,
      emotions, love—gather them together and let them become
      concentrated towards one goal, one attainment, one supreme
      experience, one realisation.

      Ekagrata (one-pointedness) is the hallmark of the true
      seeker, aspirant, yogi, sadhaka—the unification of your
      entire being and directing it towards the Supreme Reality.
      It is the alpha and omega of all spiritual life, of the
      science of yoga and attainment. It is the practical inner
      aspect of the outer framework and structure of the phenomenon
      called the religion of man.

      It is the gathering together of your entire personality
      potential, of the scattered rays of your mind that are
      divided amongst the innumerable objects of your senses,
      withdrawing them from all the things that keep on distracting
      your mind, gathering the mind together by patient discipline,
      by continued, unremitting effort, taking keen interest in
      this process—not doing it half-heartedly or unwillingly, but
      with great enthusiasm, patience and diligence.

      It takes a long period of time, for it is the reversal of
      your nature as was created by the Creator or the Powers that
      be. It is a renewal of your entire consciousness. It is a
      rebirth in purity, and a spiritual awareness of your eternal
      linkage with the cosmic Spirit Divine. It is a total
      unification of your entire being into one keen single point
      and directing it towards the great Goal.

      Thus Karthikeya is a wielder, not of a sword, not of a mace
      or a discuss or a trident, He is the wielder of a single,
      sharp one-pointed spear, indicating to us: Come, be unified
      in toto, by patience and diligence, through abhyasa
      (practice)—never again allowing a reversal of this
      unification, never allowing the scattered rays of your
      physical activity to be dispersed among the trivia of this
      daily life, not allowing the mind to become dispersed towards
      sense objects, not allowing the affections of your heart to
      become diversified, distracted and drawn outside, not
      allowing the intellect to pursue mere intellectual,
      hair-splitting processes in this temporary, universal
      appearance, which is a long dream. And support your abhyasa
      with vairagya (dispassion). Support your yoga with the rock
      of self-restraint, of samyama. Make samyama the bedrock, the
      foundation stone to build up the structure of yoga, minute by
      minute, hour by hour, day by day. Make your life a grand and
      glorious edifice whose pinnacle point is the Supreme Reality.

      This unification, Karthikeya stands for. This wakefulness,
      Karthikeya stands for. This alertness and vigilance,
      Karthikeya stands for. And these are the essential
      ingredients of a successful sadhaka. They are the
      essential ingredients of a victorious life spiritual.
      Thus may your efforts be directed—physical, mental,
      intellectual, emotional. May all your efforts be unified
      and directed towards the attainment of the divine destiny
      for which you have come on earth, by attaining which alone
      your life becomes fulfilled, your life becomes complete.
      Otherwise, it is incomplete. Even if you have the wealth
      of the three worlds, yet your life remains incomplete.

      Towards this completion, towards this fulfilment, may you
      live every moment of your wakeful life, and in this effort may Lord
      Karthikeya bless you with success!"

      Much more by Swamiji and many other of Swami Sivananda's
      disciples and Swami Sivananda HimSelf, can be found at:
      Sivananda Day-to-day. It is sent out weekly.
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