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  • mlcanow
    Jan 22, 2006
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      It has been said many times, that the present moment is what has to be lived. It is said
      that the past has passed and it only remains as memory, that the future does not yet exist
      and that it is always a projection.

      Many times it is said that the present moment has to be lived.

      This "has" thing is ridiculous. Why? Because, want it or not, this is in fact what happens all
      the time.

      The real thing is, that there are no individuals living the present moment.

      In this case of the present issue, the only thing there is is consciousness of the present
      momentÂ…always present.
      And consciousness of the individual living this moment. And consciousness of the
      thoughts about any thing, or consciousness of consciousness itself.
      This consciousness, this knowing of the present moment, is what we are.
      We are consciousness of the present, past or future moment. That consciousness is ever
      and eternally present.
      In the present moment, attention may be directed towards any thing or object, but it
      always happens in the present moment. Even attention directed to past moments, happen
      in the present moment. We need to realize this.
      The only thing that is constant and unchanging is consciousness, that although it always
      happen in the present moment, it may be manifest in the form of attention directed to the
      past, the future or even towards itself, which involves no time at all.

      But this is always happening at the light of consciousness, ever present.

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