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14628As Per Time Magazine, Meditation Works!

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  • medit8ionsociety
    Jan 15, 2006
      The current issue of Time (1/16/06) has
      an article titled "How To Get Smart One
      Breath At A Time" that points to studies
      that medically and scientifically prove
      that meditation does "...increase attention
      span, sharpen focus and improve memory.",
      as well as give many other benefits like
      "reduces stress" and creates a "focused calm".

      This is informative and encouraging, but
      the real proof for you can be known only
      experientially, and that will only happen
      when you actually do meditate. To help that
      happen, I suggest checking out our web site
      and going through the Archives section and
      the Concepts of Meditation section. You will
      find all you need to understand what is going on,
      and actual "how-to" instructions. Then, pick one
      or a few techniques to try, and do them.

      As Kir Li Molari has said, "There is no better way
      to know about meditation than by meditating."

      Peace and blessings,