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14608Another look at Re: Realisation ...not Salvation of Lord

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  • jodyrrr
    Dec 31, 2005
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      --- In meditationsocietyofamerica@yahoogroups.com, medit8ionsociety
      <no_reply@y...> wrote:
      > > > "The delusion that you are God is more spiritually
      > > > evolved than the delusion that you are not God."
      > > > Kir Li Molari
      > Jody wrote:
      > > The delusion that one is the incarnation of
      > > God is like the delusion that one is Jesus Christ.
      > >
      > > Neither claim would be made by a spiritually evolved
      > > person, in my opinion.
      > In answer to an email about "Why is Jody after this
      > Datta? And why does he care at all?"
      > IMHO, at least semi-seriously, humility and compassion
      > are the foremost characteristics one would see in a
      > spiritualized person, and any claim of Divinity is so
      > over the top of the humility barrel that it makes
      > it easy to be suspect of the claimant. I feel that
      > Jodyji shows his compassion in action by pointing out
      > those who he feels may be a wrong turn in seekers
      > quest for Truth. And it is up to the readers to take
      > his advise or not. Personally, I appreciate the effort
      > and am sure it is all well intended.
      > Peace and blessings,
      > Bob

      Thanks, Bob. But it's not really about Datta's
      qualifications as a guru. It's about the idea that
      he is an incarnation of God more than anyone else.

      Datta represents all that is wrong with spiritual
      culture: the idea that spiritual understanding
      makes you anything more than a human being who knows
      who they are. There is no magic, miracles, special
      visions or visitations involved. *Any* of these are
      objects of the senses.

      **Higher than the senses are the objects of the sense.
      **Higher than the objects of sense is the mind;
      **And higher than the mind is the intellect.
      **Higher than the intellect is the Great Self.
      --Katha Upanishad

      Everything Datta is talking about are objects
      of the sense. His supposed status as that who
      incarnated as Jesus, Buddha, etc, and his supposed
      access to the infinite power of God, which he
      refuses to demonstrate, of course.

      Datta's claims about himself are perfectly
      preposterous. That's why I care about what
      he says here, and I want him and everyone
      else to know it, until you ask me to cease
      and desist that is.
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