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146The foundation for meditation

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  • medit8ionsociety
    Feb 4, 2002
      Meditation starts with concentration and
      concentration depends on not being distracted. Your mind, body,
      and your emotional state must all be kept in check
      for your concentration to be focused firmly enough
      for meditation to come to you. Those things that
      cause you to lose your focus must be brought under
      control or fade away. Here, one of the most Enlightened
      teachers/guru's of the last century, Swami Sivananda gives his
      advise on dealing with those "defects" that cause
      suffering:<br><br>AN EXERCISE FOR DEVELOPING VIRTUE<br><br>Examine
      your character. Pick up the defects you find in it,
      and find their opposites. Let us say that you suffer
      from irritability. The opposite of irritability is
      patience. Try to develop this virtue by meditating on the
      abstract virtue of patience...<br><br>Sit in a solitary
      place for half an hour - think of patience. Think of
      its values, think of its practice under
      provocation.<br><br>Thus, take one point each day. Think about that point
      steadily, without letting the mind wander. Think of
      yourself as perfectly patient, a model of patience. End
      the meditation with a vow that "This patience, which
      is my true self, I will feel and show, today and
      every day".<br><br>For a few days there may be no
      perceptible change. You may still show and feel irritability.
      But go on practising. You will see that soon,
      thoughts of patience will arise simultaneously with the
      irritable impulse and the irritation will be
      checked.<br><br>Go on practising. The irritable impulses will grow
      more and more feeble, until you find that irritability
      has disappeared and patience has become your normal
      attitude towards annoyance.<br>In this manner you may
      develop various other virtues, such as sympathy,
      self-restraint, purity, humility, benevolence, nobility and
      generosity.<br><br>Concentration of the mind on God, after its purification, gives
      real happiness and knowledge. You are born for this
      purpose only. Dive deep. The divine flame, the light of
      lights is burning there. Merge within.<br><br>"You have
      passed through millions of wombs, You had countless
      births, You had countless fathers and mothers, You had
      numberless brothers and sisters, Millions of wives and
      children, And yet your desires have not perished. You live
      to eat, drink and make merry. But birth is painful ,
      death is painful , all is painful. Listen to me brother
      - kill passion...Enthrone God in your heart. Then
      sound the trumpet of triumph ---<br>So saysSivananda."
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