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14581[Meditation Society of America] Re: The Dalai Lama on TV Said He's Not Enlighten

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  • Durga
    Dec 22 12:34 PM
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      --- In meditationsocietyofamerica@yahoogroups.com, "blueoceantiger"
      <jkane@d...> wrote:
      > as far as enlightenment, many who are awake
      > state they cannot claim this for themselves.
      > it is rather an awareness of what is.
      > --josie--

      I've never seen a Tibetan teacher yet, who *did* say
      that s/he was 'enlightened.' It's not the done thing
      in that tradition. They will praise their own teacher,
      heaping superlatives upon their own guru, while saying
      that they themselves have no understanding at all.
      I've seen this over and over again.

      Also, I believe, that within the Tibetan tradition,
      'enlightenment' is seen in some ways as gradual, which might
      perhaps correspond somewhat to the Vedantic teaching of Self-
      knowledge with pratibhandika's, that is Self-knowledge with
      obstructions, such obstructions having more to do with past
      mental conditioning which are still causing pain in the mind,
      and having nothing at all to do with the actual 'recognition'
      of the Self. (But I'm not really familiar enough with the
      teachings of Tibetan Buddhism to say that for certain).

      I once heard a Tibetan lama, whom I thought was a wonderful
      teacher, with much insight, refer to himself as a 'just small
      piece of pony poop.' So, I think that the practice of modesty
      and self-effacement is totally in keeping with their tradition.
      And I do think that HH was kidding when he gave his reasons
      for not being 'enlightened.' He does have a very good
      sense of humor, and he likes to laugh a lot.--Durga
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