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  • prakki surya
    Dec 19, 2005
      Divine Message of His Holiness Shri Datta Swami
      Any human being cannot do any work just by will even after long concentration.  The same work happens as soon as the Lord wishes just once.  This whole Universe is created just by His one wish.  The faith is a long time concentrated will power.  The will is common in both the Lord and human being.  The will is a characteristic of awareness.  This awareness is common item in both the Lord and the human being.  Therefore, will is also a common item in both the Lord and soul (human being).  All these worlds are created just by one wish of the Lord.  But even if the soul wishes one crore times in a highly concentrated way called “Faith”, even an atom is not created.  When both are forms of awareness, why this vast difference comes?  Just the one wish of the Lord appears as the solid Universe to all the souls!  Even the highly concentrated will of a soul is not appearing as materialized form to other souls.  Such will is not even appearing as imagination to other souls.  It is appearing as imagination only to that particular soul, which imagined so.  In one house the bulb is not glowing in-spite of putting on the switch several times.  But in another house, the bulb is glowing when just once its switch is put on.  In both the houses, same switches, same wires and same bulbs exist.  But, the difference is that in the first house, there is no current.  In the second house, there is current.  Similarly in the awareness of soul, God (Parabrahman) does not exist.  In the awareness of the Lord, God exists.  This awareness is called as Brahman, because awareness, which is the first creation of God, is greatest among all the items of creation.  Brahman means anything, which is greatest among a category of items.  The word Parabrahman means God or Creator, who is beyond Brahman.  Due to the power of God only, creation takes place.  Mere awareness has no such power to create this Universe.  This awareness is the will or imagination of God.  This Universe appears always as imagination only to God.  This Universe itself is an ocean of awareness.  The soul is a drop in it.  The power of the ocean is far greater than the power of the drop.  Due to this only, this universe appears as materialized solid to the soul.  This whole universe is again a drop only in the awareness created by God in the beginning, which is called as “Mula Prakruti” or “Maha Maya”.  God does not exist in the Universe.  Therefore, this Universe becomes a scene to the spectator-God.  Scene must be different from the spectator.  The “Mula Prakruti” into which God entered and pervaded is called as Lord (Eswara). 
      This Lord is spectator and Universe is scene.  Thus, both the Scene and the outer cover of Brahman are forms of awareness only.  The soul is also a form of awareness.  Soul – Universe –Spectator become greater and greater as we pass on.  God is neither in the Universe nor is in the soul.  Therefore, both these have no power of creation.  Spectatorship is the characteristic of the awareness.  Therefore, even the soul is a spectator.  But the soul can see its own imaginary world as imagination and the Universe as reality.  It cannot see this Universe as imagination.  For the Lord only, this Universe including all the souls is an imagination. 
      The Lord knows and sees everything in the Universe.  But the soul sees and knows only a little in the Universe.  Thus the spectatorship also differs in both the cases.  The soul can see and knows everything of its own imaginary world only.  Though, the Universe is entirely awareness, a part of it becomes spectator in the form of souls and another part is inert which does not see or know anything.  This difference took place only by the will of the Lord.  Therefore, a soul cannot throw away this difference created by the Lord and cannot treat both as one and the same awareness.  The soul cannot say that the whole Universe has spectatorship.  Some claim that they have realized the entire Universe as one awareness, which is totally against their own experience.  Such experience of difference is the will of the Lord and so they behave differently for all practical purposes. No scholar talks with a stone!  A stone cannot preach you and remove your ignorance for all practical purposes.  Even the Lord views both the soul and inert matter differently as per their status, but He views both as His imagination.  But the soul cannot see both as his imagination and the soul also views both differently like the Lord.  If you refer to the external form of the Lord only, which is awareness, both the external form of Lord and the entire soul are one and the same.  The difference is that the Lord is God embraced by the awareness, where as the soul is mere awareness.  The Lord is the wire with current, where as the soul is the wire without current. 
      Therefore, the soul cannot achieve anything in this world just by faith only.  Its external actions may achieve something in this world but not its mere internal will.  Even this external action becomes sometimes invalid, because the field of its action is the world, which is without God.  Some say that everything is possible by self-confidence or faith.  But this statement is laudable only till it is not analysed!  The wire without current cannot create even a ray of light in the bulb.  People believe that self-faith can achieve anything and therefore, they conclude that the self itself is the Lord.  Anything is possible only to the Lord.  If a soul wishes to make everything possible, the only way is to catch the Lord and please Him.  “Self-Faith’ means the faith that is concentrated on the Lord, who came down as a self or as a human being.  For the sake of the convenience of the soul to achieve such goal, the Lord comes down as a soul.  The faith in such soul, to believe it as the Lord is called as “Self-Faith”.  All the power of God is present in such human incarnation, because God and His power are beyond the spatial dimensions. 
        posted by: His servant
        at the lotus feet of shri datta swami

      bhalla sandeep <gradbm@...> wrote:
      I may like to respond to the mail written to the sada gure. Well, could we in the first place have an introduction of this new entrant  who has very confidently passed the verdict that all of us are fools on tha same bus. I may like to point out that it is not the flowery language of the scriptures that is important to be pointed out but the actual point in iitself tha the gentleman

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