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14553An antidote to a world savior

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  • jodyrrr
    Dec 14, 2005
      You don't need any of these God-pretenders to come
      to your own relationship with the Divine.

      They are superfulous fluff, despite their psychoses,
      who exist only to aggrandize their own entitled

      All you will get from them is co-dependency.

      It's not what you believe, it's how you believe it,
      so pick your own God, in whichever image suits you.

      Forget about realization. The more you seek it,
      the more it will elude you. None of these pretenders
      to avatardom can give it to you, anyway.

      Seek perfect relationship to your chosen form of
      the Lord in the form of complete and total surrender.

      From this surrender, draw upon the strength of your
      trust, without having any anticipation of what that
      may bring.

      In this surrender you will find freedom. First from
      fear and then from delusion.

      If someone tells you they are more God than you,
      spit in their face for insulting you thus.

      Such will be the work of the Lord.