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14547Re: [Meditation Society of America] Re: Spiritual Message of Jesus and Krishna

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  • oyemyemi fatuyi
    Dec 12, 2005
      Dear sir,
      How are you sir, i received your message of understanding and knowledge.Thank you sir.
      Please sir, i am a member  of this meditationsociety and presently i need your help in my ministry.
      However,i will like to read from you soon.
      God bless you.

      prakki surya <dattapr2000@...> wrote:
      Judas betrayed the human incarnation. Judas may be an ordinary human being or may be the servant of Lord who belongs to the innermost circle. Thus there are two possibilities.
      Let us examine your scripture in the light of both the possibilities. If he is an ordinary human being, he shall be punished by death given by the judgement or he shall punish himself by committing suicide.
      Lord Jesus Himself advised the latter part of punishment. Jesus told that it is better himself to cut ones own sinful hand than falling in the eternal fire. If the human being is a realised soul, he will follow the instruction of Jesus and will commit suicide. But if the human being is like an animal, he will betray the Lord and go away with the bribe. For such a fellow, the judgement in the court is required in this world. If he escapes the judgement here, he will certainly go to the liquid fire.
      Now Judas proved himself as a realised soul. According to Jesus, if you punish yourself for your own sin, you need not go to the hell. In Hinduism also, Manu Smruthi says ‘the sinner punished by the king in this world gets rid of his sin and goes to heaven.’ (Rajabhih Dhruta Dandastu …. Manu Smruthi). Even from the court of law, we know that a single crime cannot have two punishments. Therefore if you take Judas as an ordinary human being, then also, he need not go to hell. Now if you analyse the case, in the path of second possibility, the devotee of the Lord acted in that bad role and punished himself for his own sin. In that case he has given the message to the world and entered the inner circle of the Lord after playing his due role. In both these possibilities, your scripture applies in toto. The conclusion of both the possibilities is only that one should not betray the Lord in human form.
      If one betrays the creator it is better that he ends his life and join the list of unborn persons. This is the meaning of the statement of your scripture. Especially in the case of Judas, he became the disciple of Jesus for sometime. Betraying the spiritual preacher, who is the Lord in human form (Satguru) is the highest sin. No other way of repentance is justified. Betraying an ordinary human being itself is the highest sin. Betraying the Lord is higher than the highest sin. This shows the purity of the Lord and the importance that should be given to the Lord.

        posted by: His servant
        at the lotus feet of shri datta swami
      jodyrrr <jodyrrr@...> wrote:
      The only looser around here is the one who thinks he's
      Lord Krishna.

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