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14521Re: Meditation practice and a busy life

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  • doug
    Nov 30, 2005
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      Hi Matt and Sashi.

      In addition to Jeff's suggestion I'd add two things. First, it's
      important to not allow the momentum of life's circumstances to dominate
      your ability to sit regularly. Sometimes it requires a warrior's
      attitude to fight that momentum and do whatever it takes to "slot in"
      your time to meditate and make circumstances bend to your needs. This is
      not just an issue of will however, it is also a very necessary and very
      important shift in attitude towards circumstances generally.
      Circumstances are one of the most significant forces disturbing our
      minds and it's important to take a firm, conscious stand about them
      right from the beginning. By resisting circumstances to the extent that
      you can actually sit down for 20 minutes a day you will in fact be
      making such a stand.

      Second, again in addition to Jeff's methods you can also approach your
      day to day circumstances in a meditative fashion by working at not
      judging those circumstances. By not judging you will retain a calmer
      mind and you will therefore enable a deeper seeing into the true nature
      of those circumstances and then be able to respond from a clearer, more
      accurate postion. This same meditative technique can be applied to all
      of the people you are dealing with in those circumstances.

      Good luck in your practice.

      Cheers, Doug.

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