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14519Meditation practice and a busy life

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  • Tony Osime2
    Nov 30, 2005
      Matt and Shashi, Thanks for this question:

      One of the things I have learnt from meditation is that the value of life is
      not the quantity of things you do but the quality of things you do. As you
      meditate you will come to appreciate the quality of the time you spend
      meditating and how this quality time improves the quality of the time you
      spend outside meditation.

      Too busy is simply a frame of mind. Meditation helps you look at this frame
      and decide if it is a nice frame to have or maybe another frame would be
      better. Approach your meditation with the perspective of it helping you to
      appreciate the true value of time and this will improve your frame of mind.

      With this new frame of mind you will find that the quality of your life
      improves as you make better decisions on what you do day to day. The fact
      that you have asked this question tells me you are already on your way to a
      higher quality life.

      On a more practical note, I have found that my meditation adapts to the time
      I give to meditation. So I would not worry too much about how long you spend
      meditating, but make sure you meditate regularly. As you get into a good
      rhythm of regular meditation, your mind will adapt and make the best use of
      the time you do give. If you are not regular, your progress will be very
      slow as too much energy will be used in the setting up for the deeper levels
      of meditation.

      Tony Osime
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