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14517Re: [Meditation Society of America] Meditation practice and a busy life

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  • Sandeep
    Nov 29, 2005

      There is the act of meditational technique, which is durational, time-space-specific.....
      ...... and there is a gestalt of meditativeness, from which arises, everything whether it is  the act of changing a baby diaper or the act of Paranayam.

      The gestalt of meditativeness is not conditional to anything.

      Including, that it is not
      conditional to anything.

      If it is, it is not meditativeness.

      It is this meditativeness, which is the awareness of the arising/dissipitating thought(s), the taking delivering of the thoughts and their external actualization, viz the physical action......... which thus creates  the sense of personal doership (It is I who is getting pissed off at this screaming toddler, or why am I not reaching Nirvana as this meditation book/Guru had promised, etc etc) ......

      .......which thus infers the sense of the entitification, the sense of the existential, independent, separated reality of an "Matt" or a "Shashi".

      When this entire and constant hoopla,........... ocurring moment after moment after moment, is apperceived......

      .....the gestalt of meditativeness.

      Which ever shines, whether you are chasing to close a sales pitch, or get a kid to eat her beans.

      Or whether doing intense Kapal Bhatti or reflecting on the Self with a capital S.


      Shashi Sadhu wrote:
      I have the same question as Matt. I am a working mom with 2 toddler girls. I barely have time to keep the discipline of meditating every morning. One thing I try to do is do my practice every night before I go to bed be it for at leas 10 minutes.
      I would like to really hear from others in similar shoes as mine.

      Matt Ready <mattready@...> wrote:
      Hello everyone,

      I am really enjoying the dialogue with this group.  I treasure the practice of meditation yet I struggle with maintaining the discipline to practice regularly.  I was wondering if any of you have overwhelmingly busy lives with family and kids and if you have any tips on how to keep you on practice?

      I know one thing I have been looking for is other people who also value meditation...and although I haven't found many I can meet face to face, I am very happy to have found this group.


      A pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity;
      an optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty.
      --Sir Winston Churchill

      Shashi Sadhu
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