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14512Re: The Enchanted Joy of Meditation

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  • medit8ionsociety
    Nov 28, 2005
      --- In meditationsocietyofamerica@yahoogroups.com, "Jeff Belyea"
      <jeff@m...> wrote:
      > At some point in meditation
      > when all expectations cease
      > when no more questions come
      > the mind slips into an easy
      > ride on the balanced rhythm
      > of each breath and into the
      > absolute point of stillness
      > In this noble silence there
      > is no more awareness of the
      > breath or the physical body
      > or the volition to meditate
      > Out of this emptiness comes
      > a startling new wisdom that
      > is at the core of all paths
      > and known by the mystics of
      > all spiritual traditions in
      > the world as written in the
      > scriptures and contemporary
      > text and teachings that are
      > part of the ancient of days
      > Once a meditator visits the
      > enchanted joy of meditation
      > then all the searching ends
      > and the effortlessness that
      > moves life spontaneously is
      > known as the authentic life
      > and bliss beyond belief now
      > overtakes what was formerly
      > fear and doubt and darkness
      > And the one who entered the
      > meditation emerges as a new
      > creation with understanding
      > and joy that can not be put
      > into words other than sound
      > that resonates in the heart
      Yo Papajeff,
      Thanks for this very eloquent and right on
      post. It stimulated thoughts within
      that went towards thinking about the word
      "enchanted", in regard to its meaning of
      something like bewitched or under a spell.
      And this leads to the concept of meditation
      as being a way to awaken and break out of the
      spells/delusions that we are under, such as
      that we are apart from the rest of the universe
      instead of a part of all and everything, or
      that we are (what happens to) our body, our
      mind, our emotions, etc., or that "Thy will
      be done" doesn't apply to us and that we
      "can do", and so on and so on. And to mimic
      and paraphrase your last line, 'And the one who
      enters into meditation emerges as an ancient
      creation with understanding and joy that is
      our real baseline.'
      Thanks again.
      Peace and blessings,
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