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14484Hello Meditation Society Members :)

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  • Matt Ready
    Nov 16, 2005
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      I just wanted to share this revelation.  It is one of those life lessons some of us must learn over and over again.
      Sometimes I catch myself thinking, once I get to that point in life, I will be happy, I will take more time to meditate, I will try to savor more moments, I will try to be more joyous and loving, I will pay more attention...once I get to there it will be easier to do all these things....
      And today I allowed myself to see I am being delusional.  It won't get any easier.  I have all the opportunity in the world right now to do all those things.  Yes, I have 5 kids.  Yes, I am trying to start a business.  Yes, I am building a house.  Yes, this and yes that, but even with all the craziness of my life...I have all that I need.
      I can live each moment perfectly if I simply choose to do so.  I can love life and share love with every moment, if I live with a little self discipline.  Now is the time.  There is no need to wait, no need to look ahead.
      Anyhow.  I thought I would share that.  Hello everyone :). 
      My name is Matt.
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