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14483A 2 Part Game Plan to Evolve Spiritually

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  • medit8ionsociety
    Nov 15, 2005
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      1. Be a witness to the events in your life.
      Be unreactive to what your senses receive,
      your mind thinks, and your emotions feel.
      Just witness in silence. This will show you
      the Truth.

      2. Always in all things, understand and feel that
      "Thy will be done", and that you can do nothing.
      This will get you off the hook that only you
      have agreed to put yourself on.

      The more you do #1, the more you will see the
      freedom that #2 brings.

      Peace and blessings,

      PS: Yes, there is really no "you", and nothing to
      receive or think or feel, and no evolving to be
      done, but That's #3, so let's pixel about That
      another time (yes, there's no time, etc... :-)