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144653 Superbowl Rings are not enough

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  • Jeff Belyea
    Nov 6, 2005
      Tonight I watched a segment
      of 60 Minutes (after watching
      the Tampa Bay Bucs get blown
      out - again!) featuring Tom Brady,
      the New England Patriots quarter-
      back. At 28, he has 3 Superbowl
      rings, a 60 million dollar,
      10 year contract, dates a
      Hollywood starlet...and stands
      a handsome 6 foot 4.

      And what did he say?...

      "There has to be more than

      When asked what the "answer"
      was, he said he didn't know.

      As a meditation teacher, I
      found this a powerfully
      motivating bit of news - in
      that it affirmed the purpose
      of teaching meditation and,
      at the same time, the futility
      of looking for peace of mind
      and fulfillment in "outer"
      things, no matter how impressive
      and fanciful they may be.

      Without the inner peace that
      meditation plays a (big) part
      in facilitating, there will
      always be a sense of "there
      has to be more than this" or
      an uneasiness that "something
      is missing" in our lives.

      How do you think Tom Brady
      would respond to the suggestion
      that he find a guru or join
      a meditation group?


      PS: Hey, Bob, T.O. might
      consider the value of silence,
      as well.
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