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  • medit8ionsociety
    Nov 2, 2005
      In an email we received that I'm sure was intended
      to be posted here in response to Tony's post,
      Robert Lake said:


      Thanks, your reasoning looks to me to be spot on!
      When I was a jock in school I got my best performance when
      I did not 'push' mentally.

      Robert Lake

      --- In meditationsocietyofamerica@yahoogroups.com, "Tony Osime2"
      <tony.osime@f...> wrote:
      > Hi Robert,
      > First, let me thank Bob for the excellent suggestion
      he gave you. I feel it is spot on.
      > One of the things about life I have learned from meditation
      is not to force things. I get the best results in meditation by
      "not trying". The key for me is subtlety. What is incredible is that
      it actually takes more "effort" to "not take effort" than it does
      to force things. Let me try to explain.
      > Imagine you are controlling a machine. You have your hand on
      a lever and as you move your hand, the machine responds in
      proportion to your hand movement. Now, imagine that your
      movements became more subtle and in response, the machine makes
      larger movements. Now, imagine your responses becoming more and
      more subtle and the machine's response becoming greater
      and greater. This is a surprise. But the best is yet to come.
      > Imagine that, rather than try to make the most subtle hand
      movement possible, simply thinking about trying to move your
      hand produces the greatest movement in the machine you ever
      experienced! This is a revelation!
      > Now you are on a new level. You control the machine with just
      your thoughts and the results are greater than you imagined possible.
      Now comes the harder part.
      > In the same way the machine's response grew as your hand
      movement became more subtle, the machine's response also grows
      as your thoughts become more subtle! So you make your thoughts
      more and more subtle until...?
      > Well, now you don't know if you are thinking or not thinking.
      You have passed the realm of thought. It seems like there is
      nothing to guide you. However, you can still "perceive" the machine
      and when its response grows you have a "sense" that whatever you
      "did" was "right".
      > Well - this is as far as I have gone. It is hard for me to
      even get to this stage normally because so many things distract me.
      However, I hope I have made the point. I had to reduce my "effort"
      to "no effort" just to get past the first "level".
      >I am going to make a wild guess here. The skill you develop in
      subtlety during your meditation will have some corresponding
      benefit to you in your day to day life.
      > I can give you a personal example to illustrate this.
      Today, while I was at the bank waiting for the attendant to
      complete my transaction, my mind was a whirlwind of activity.
      This was strange to me. Because of my meditation I
      have grown used to "observing" my mind. What I did was to
      simply peel off each emotion like a layer, one after another.
      I noticed how each one depended on the one below to magnify its
      agitation. When I got to the last one I was surprised to find
      nothing there - emptiness; calm. Just like the eye of a storm.
      Although the "storm" did not dissipate right away, I now
      knew there was nothing really there. I could go about my day
      knowing it would subside very soon and it did.
      > I think this post is getting very long so I will stop here.
      Look forward to your response.
      > ...Tony
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