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14451nondual poetry

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  • Era
    Oct 22, 2005
      it is here
      in the breath
      it is here
      in the stillness between breaths
                       it is here
                       in the active mind
                       it is here
                       in the resting mind
      it is here
      in the dream's panorama
      it is here
      in each moment of awakening
                       it is here
                     when all is well
                       it is here
                       when fear has nothing left to fear

       even then
      there is pure noticing even then
      there is no need for doing
                 no frantic searching
                 can find the obvious
                 no seeking needed
                 to find that which seeks

       it is here
      where it can never be lost or found

      from "Gifts With No Giver" , by Nirmala - a collection of advaita (nondual) satsang poetry

      love, Era