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  • ser_el_ser
    Oct 16, 2005
      Dear Bob and all,

      Seing that "many masters, same knowledge¨ seem to be an issue on the table
      now, I would like to share some words from my teacher, Sri Ratan Lal, who
      desincarnated a few months ago, something I came to know very recently.

      "There seems to exist a confusion among people today as to what one´s duty
      in world is. Is it right to renounce one´s duties in order to wholeheartedly
      follow the spiritual path? Do I still have a duty to my married children? The
      answer is that as long as you feel as an individual entity, you do have a duty.
      When you merge in the Absolute, the question about duty will not even arise.
      Remember whatever you are bound to do will happen even after realization.
      Realization does not mean that one disappears from the world. On the
      contrary, there will be no questions about one´s duty, but one´s duty will be
      performed much more efficiently. So egolessness is to uproot one´s bad
      tendencies and sense of doership. It does not stop us from performing the
      actions we are supposed to perform. If the enlightened beings had not
      continued to act, there would be no examples for mankind to follow, no
      teachings, no spiritual books.

      Seer and seen, knower and known, are contents of the mind. Practice lies in
      transferring the attention from the seen to the seer. Hold on to the seer - in
      due course, one will experience that the seer, as a person, disappears. What
      remains? That which is Atma. It is uninterrupted awareness. This is liberation.

      Many people come to their Guru saying, "I want peace." It is very simple - give
      up the "I" that wants something, let go of desires, and you have peace!

      Bhagavan Baba says, "Are we not at peace in the interval when one thought
      ceases and another does not yet arise?" "

      From the book "I am I" by Ratan Lal.

      Sri Ratan Lal was a devotee of Sathya Sai Baba and offered Sat Sang in His
      ashram, to foreigners from all parts of the world.

      In profound gratefullness to God, Sai Baba and Ratan Lal... to existence,

      Maria Luisa
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