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14438Re: [Meditation Society of America] Re: Yet Another Theory of Evolutionary Divine Intelligence

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  • prakki surya
    Oct 15, 2005
      Dear Bob
      mostly i am replying only otherwise i am trying to strictly adhere to the rules set by you.
      Hanuman, a topmost devotee identified Lord Rama and served Him  and always said I am servant to Lord Rama. He even performed many miracles also and still he has given credit of them to Rama only. (Dasoham kosalendrasya.....) For such worship, Lord has  given future creator post to Hanuman.
      Peter, John... identified Lord Jesus by His divine knowledge and participated in the propagation of divine knowledge. They left the families without any second thought and went along with Lord Jesus.
      Gopikas identified and worshipped Lord Krishna, the then human incarnation only and got the highest fruit of top most Goloka.
      Swami vivekananda participated in the mission of propagation of divine knowledge on the order of the then human incarnation Rama krishna parama hamsa .
      Likewise the disciples of Adisankara worshipped Him as lord and latter on participated in the propagation of divine knowledge.
      Meerabai also propagated Krishna bhakti by composing hymns and propagated them.
      In all these the disciples identified the Lord in the human form during their time and participated in His mission as servants.
      So, first one should identify the Satguru and then learn divine knowledge from Him. These disciples worshipped their Satguru. At His order, they participated in the propagation of divine knowledge as Service to Lord.
      Service only proves our real devotion, which consists of donating money & physically participating in His mission.
      regards &
      at the lotus feet of shri datta swami

      medit8ionsociety <no_reply@yahoogroups.com> wrote:

      Dear Surya,

      .... And the adoration of the guru is what "gets them high". In a way this is the same attitude that many of the Judeo/Christianity followers are taking...God/Christ is separate from them and the relationship they have with Him is God is here and I am there and I worship Him, but never unite with Him. As a matter of fact,the concept of being at one with God is often considered heresy.

      ...... for God to have and that is omnipresence, which would include God being within everyone and within every cell and atomic and
      sub atomic particle of everything. ............


      So you look for your connection to the Divine by service to
      someone separate from yourself. But the concept that God is
      within and can be found by looking within is recognized by
      billions of Judeo-Christians, Hindus, etc.



      Peace and blessings,

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