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14431Re: [Meditation Society of America] One Theory of Evolutionary Divine Intelligence

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  • prakki surya
    Oct 14, 2005
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      dear friend


      Lord is substratum of the whole creation and hence forms base. Without Him creation cannot sustain. Lord created the universe for entertainment. He has given free will to all the human beings to do whatever they like. But, the results will follow the deeds. So, He is indirectly controlling, that is to say that enjoyment for good deeds and misery for bad deeds. Misery is to bring realisation only and not to repeat the same bad deed. Otherwise, He is not responsible for one's deeds.


      Creation is in Lord but Lord is not the creation. But such a Lord can enter creation at the request of devotees who wants Him only and His service. To give four fortunes to His devotees (to talk, to touch, co-living and to serve), He comes down.


      If everybody is God, what is the meaning of spiritual effort? God needs Spiritual Effort to reach God? God created the universe consisting of animate and inanimate objects. He preaches divine knowledge and does miracles also, if required. If anybody claims to be Lord or God, he should be able to do these things. Greatest devotees never claimed themselves as Lord, they always love to serve the Lord in human form. Satguru has to be identified by His divine knowledge and serve that Satguru only not any guru. Satguru only can clear all doubts of all disciples. Gurus are devotees having some divine knowledge. So they may sometimes clarify some doubts. Their knowledge is limited only. Only Satguru (lord in human form) will only have the infinite knowledge and clarifies all the doubts of all disciples.


      Like the studies in our materialistic life, one has to pass through elementary, higher, college and should finally enter university. After studies in University one will join job to serve the country. Like wise, one should serve Lord in human form.

      Self-analysis is the analysis of self with the help of Satguru who can only show your internal situation. Ex. a doctor can only see the x-ray and diagnose the ailment and give you medicines. Reaching Self is only an intermediate step in the spiritual journey towards the final goal of reaching Lord. Reaching self is not reaching Lord.

      In spiritual effort three important things are there. 1) knowing about self 2) Knowing the destination 3) the path to reach the destination. Regarding knowing about self, it is sufficient if you know that you are not the destination. Regarding knowing the destination, you should identify the Lord in human form and He is our destination. the identification is by His true infinite spiritual knowledge.

      Path is the most essential part of spiritual journey. The path leading to Lord is full of sacrifice only, which is only the real indication of our true love towards Him. That is why Jesus told the path leading to kingdom of Lord is very narrow filled with thorns. Because practical sacrifice nobody enjoys. Sacrificing words, mind and intelligence can be done without botheration as Lord gives them freely.

      Satguru never claims Himself as Lord. It is devotees who believe Him as Lord after listening to His special divine knowledge and sometimes may experience some miracles also. A thorough association with Him for some time while experiencing the special divine knowledge, they will develop the faith that He is lord in human form.


      at the lotus feet of shri datta swami




      medit8ionsociety <no_reply@yahoogroups.com> wrote:
      God Her/HimSelf is looking out of your eyes,
      hearing with your ears, smelling with your nose,
      tasting with your tongue, sensing with your skin,
      thinking with your mind, .......

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