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14407The Heart Connection

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  • Jeff Belyea
    Sep 30, 2005
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      It seems that even considering
      the practice of meditation -- any
      thought in the direction of an
      interest in learning more about
      meditation, begins with (or comes
      from) a stirring at our very core,
      our heart.

      While the longing for that
      "something" missing, or search
      for an inner peace of mind, or
      even the interest in the practical
      applications of meditation as
      a relaxation or stress management
      technique seems to be prompted
      by a "personal" and singular
      interest, something else seems
      to consistently happen to those
      who look to meditation.

      Even before sitting for their
      very first "formal" meditation,
      many people report that, in
      retrospect, they began to feel
      a certain softening and
      tenderness in their feelings
      for others, as they drew closer
      and closer to the practice of
      meditation. For others, those
      feelings were noticed soon after
      beginning a regular practice
      of meditation.

      It may be that meditation is
      itself a "loving" action, stirred
      by the heart, by the seat of love
      within us all. So, it may be
      the stirring of our inherent
      loving nature that "creates"
      the interest and the urge
      to learn more about meditation,
      and about what the poets and
      songwriters and teachers from
      all mystic traditions call
      "a higher love".

      From this perspective, it is
      the longing for heart connnection
      with all that is, a heart
      search, a heart opening that
      leads to an experience of
      new wisdom and understanding
      of nonduality, of the Oneness
      of all that is, within God
      (Love, Source, Spirit, Higher Self),
      that "calls" us to meditate.
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