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14397Re: [Meditation Society of America] Relaxation Speed

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  • Delia Tofolean
    Sep 25, 2005
      Hello Tony,
      Thank you for your kind reply.
      The beliefs we create can act on something very powerful which is hidden in us and we cannot see or control: our subconscient. You don't need to see the Non-human spirits - you can hear them (don't worry they are not like voices heard by schizophrenic people). It's a kind of music very sweet, etheric and far. And one can understand how music and silence are two chapter of the same book.
      The name of the book is the Blue Pearl
      Serenity, harmony and peace
      Tony Osime2 <tony.osime@...> wrote:

      Hello Delia,

      Thank you for your comments on Non-human spirits.

      I must admit that I have never thought seriously of non-human spirits. While
      they are an element in my culture, the scientific approach to life is more
      dominate, or is getting more dominate. I see the use of spirits and
      scientific explanation as two approaches to explaining different phenomenon.
      While I am flexible enough to approach things from both perspectives, I feel
      that we actually create whatever we "see" - which might be why I have never
      seen these Non-human spirits. But now that I have planted the seed by
      thinking about it, maybe that will change. I will be sure to let you know.

      Incidentally, I used to use incense and go through pre-meditation actions.
      But over time, I have found that these things make no difference for me
      unless I believe that they do. It is interesting how the beliefs we create
      or accept end up controlling us.


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         Date: Fri, 23 Sep 2005 14:34:37 -0700 (PDT)
         From: Delia Tofolean <deliatfn@...>
      Subject: Re: Relaxation Speed


      did you think about Non-human Spirits, by these terms I indicate certain
      creatures who have never incarnated on any planet. They can assist or hinder
      u when one try to relax. For these reason the purification bath and incense
      burning is so important. Also the invocation of your Guru before you begin
      is of crucial importance. These Non-human Spirits can be creature of Light
      and one will share with them the blissful silence of cosmical love but they
      can be also of demonical nature who try to interfere in our soul and
      thoughts. The period of relaxation before meditation is the dangerous time
      when our subcounscious is open like the lotus flower in the morning sun. For
      this reason the protection system should be powerful. And very pure. And


      Hello raj,

      Thanks for your comments on not creating stress. I believe this to be very
      important in meditation. There was a time I used to think that if I did not
      do everything perfectly in meditation I would never achieve any worthwhile
      goal. All I did was create stress and disappointment. It is much better to
      sit back and enjoy the ride.

      There are times I feel that we have actually completed the journey and have
      decided to forget that fact so that we can enjoy the journey as if it were


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         Date: Sat, 24 Sep 2005 01:31:57 +0100 (BST)
         From: raj raje <zataka10@...>
      Subject: Re: Relaxation Speed

      What is importent is concentration. There are two ways leading to same
      goal. One is with low speed [ pippilika marg =speed of sunt/ ] .Other is
      high speed.[vingam marg = speed of an eagel].YYou can choose any method. BUT
      remember that there shall not be any stress. TAKE CARE.

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