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14392Re: [Meditation Society of America] Relaxation Speed

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  • raj raje
    Sep 23, 2005
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       What is importent is concentration. There are two ways leading to same goal. One is with low speed [ pippilika marg =speed of sunt/ ] .Other is high speed.[vingam marg = speed of an eagel].YYou can choose any method. BUT remember that there shall not be any stress. TAKE CARE.

      Delia Tofolean <deliatfn@...> wrote:
      did you think about Non-human Spirits, by these terms I indicate certain creatures who have never incarnated on any planet. They can assist or hinder u when one try to relax. For these reason the purification bath and incense burning is so important. Also the invocation of your Guru before you begin is of crucial importance. These Non-human Spirits can be creature of Light and one will share with them the blissful silence of cosmical love but they can be also of demonical nature who try to interfere in our soul and thoughts. The period of relaxation before meditation is the dangerous time when our subcounscious is open like the lotus flower in the morning sun. For this reason the protection system should be powerful. And very pure. And simple.

      Tony Osime2 <tony.osime@...> wrote:
      Hello Everyone,

      Thanks for your replies to my posts - they are much appreciated.

      One of the things I find so fascinating about meditation is how the
      experience can vary so greatly with just the most subtle changes in thoughts
      or actions. I guess this reflects the complexity of the mind where tiny
      changes in chemical balances can have dramatic effects on perception.

      Today I was in two minds whether to have a session or not since I was
      running late. As a compromise, I decided to have a quick session (about 20
      minutes). Since it was going to be a quick session, I decided to speed up my

      Rather than relax at a very leisurely pace where mentally I am "twiddling my
      thumbs and whistling Dixie" waiting for my body to relax to the stage my
      session can start in earnest, I "pushed" my relaxation by taking very long
      breaths and signaling my heart to "pause" for a brief period at the end of
      each breath - not to physically stop, but just not to be so interested in
      the next intake of breath. The effect of this is that at the end of each
      breath there is a moment where everything seems to stop without a concern or
      desire to start again. It is a very peaceful interlude - a nice feeling of

      Anyhow, in doing this I was surprised to find my session was similar to the
      way I meditated two or three years ago. At that time my work schedule was so
      hectic I could not give more than 20-30 minutes a day to meditation. This
      forced me to relax much faster.

      The forced or induced relaxation took me deeper than the more natural
      relaxation. I started feeling the beginnings of the euphoric bursts I used
      to have. While these euphoric bursts are very pleasant, I am not sure they
      are not a distraction.

      The surprise for me was that over time I had slowed down my relaxation (that
      is lengthened the period it takes to fully relax) and this had changed the
      character of my sessions - the euphoric bursts had stopped.

      The question for me now is which path is better? And I think I should not
      think about it. I should just let the process take its natural course.

      I thought I should share this with you. Please let me have your comments.


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