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1439the potion

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  • Michael Read
    Dec 5 8:10 PM
      The Potion


      Once upon a time, there was a young woman who was constantly
      nagged by her mother-in-law.

      Eventually, the young woman could no longer stand this aggravation
      and went to the local herbalist for some poison to kill the old

      After some thought, the herbalist gave her a heavily-scented
      potion. He told her this potion should be massaged into the skin
      daily, and after six weeks, her mother-in-law would die.

      The young woman did as instructed. Each day she gave her mother-
      in-law a massage with the potion. Gradually the old woman's angry
      temper seemed to disappear, and empathy grew between the two

      After awhile, they started to understand and respect each other.

      The young woman began to regret her desire to kill her mother-in-
      law, and as time ran out, she became increasingly worried.

      She returned to the herbalist and begged for an antidote to the

      The wise old man smiled and explained that no medicinal antidote
      was needed. The "poison" she had been massaging into the old
      woman's skin was simply a mixture of aromatic oils.

      --Author Unknown

      from The Mountain:
      The power of touch, don't underestimate it. We often seek the
      exotic, only to find the answer was in our hands all along.

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