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14367Re: [Meditation Society of America] Lost in translation

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    Sep 16 12:04 PM
      We believe that thoughts arise from us- perhaps if we see that we choose them from a river of thought that is flowing around the mental plane; we can be allow each thought to flow away.
      There is a visualization I had written for my Focus and Perspective mailer that is on this: http://www.geocities.com/connector_1/message.html
      In loving light

      Rushikant Mehta <rushi_kant@...> wrote:
      Yes, you got it right. Try that. Just see & feel the sound & refuse to think how & why of it. It's gonna be touturous. Live it out to be out of the habit of being centered on thinking, a bondage. Have patience & persistance. All the Best !

      Tony Osime <tony.osime@...> wrote:

      Hello Rushikant,

      Thanks for your advice.

      Are you saying that if I focus more on the sound of what I say, I will
      "think" less about what I say?

      I can't wait to be free of intellectualization!


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         Date: Thu, 15 Sep 2005 19:56:46 +0100 (BST)
         From: Rushikant Mehta <rushi_kant@...>
      Subject: Re: Lost in translation

      Tony, you are a sound meditator. Does the reasoning not produce a sound wave
      ? Ever been attentive to that ? Can more emphasis on that lessen it on
      words, gnaw away your attachment to intellectualization & hasten your
      coveted "one day"?

      Tony Osime <tony.osime@...> wrote:Hello everyone,

      One of my greatest meditation challenges is to quell the mind chatter that
      distracts me as I go deeper into my sessions. One discipline that helps me
      is to see mind chatter (that is reasoning through words) as only one
      approach to understanding.

      There are others. For example simply seeing something or feeling something
      provides a different form understanding which does not need reasoning for it
      to be valid. The simple experience is sufficient.

      I am so conditioned to reasoning that I practically dismiss any experience I
      have not reasoned through. I feel a good exercise for me, inside and outside
      meditation, is to accept experiences without reasoning through them.

      What will help here is an appreciation that words are limited. Whatever I
      translate into words diminishes the underlying experience. Something is lost
      in translation.

      It might take years to undo the automatic reasoning that kicks in on every
      experience but I feel this appreciation is a start - with practice I should
      get better. And one day....
      (I will not need words!)

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