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14358Nasrudin and the Nature of God

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  • medit8ionsociety
    Sep 13, 2005
      Nasrudin was once called to speak about the
      Nature of God in the local mosque. Present were
      many Imams and Dr's of the Islamic Law. Out of
      courtesy and because Nasrudin could not be
      counted on to say anything worthwhile, these
      illustrious guests explained and inspired the
      audience with their eloquence and wisdom. Finally
      it was Nasrudins turn to explain the Nature of God.
      "God . . .", started Nasrudin impressively "is . . ."
      Nasrudin removed and held up an ovoid dark vegetable
      from the folds of his turban, " . . . an eggplant."
      There was uproar at this blasphemy. When order was
      established, Nasrudin was asked to explain his words.
      "I conclude that everyone has spoken of what they do
      not know or have not seen. We can all see this eggplant.
      Is there anyone who can deny that God is manifest in
      all things?" Nobody could. "Very well," said Nasrudin,
      "God is an eggplant!"

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