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  • medit8ionsociety
    Sep 9, 2005
      Virtually every day we get email requests asking "What
      should I do" relative to meditation. We usually refer
      them to our web site, Meditation Station
      and suggest that they browse through the dozens of
      techniques and concepts there, pick one or a few methods,
      and then actually try to meditate. But in V2No2 of our
      newsletter, The Inner Traveler, we published this
      article that sums up a lot more than specific "do this
      now" step by step how-to type instructions as are found on
      Meditation Station. Thanks to a memeber of the Meditation
      Society of America's recent suggestion, we are now sharing
      the article here. I hope it will be beneficial and enjoyable...

      What To Do

      Practice concentration on an object, sensation,
      or concept for 20 minutes twice a day. Merge and
      emerge into meditation. In the other 23:20, be in
      a meditative mode. Practice mindfulness and being
      empty of mind. Enquire into "Who am I". Discriminate
      between the real, eternal and infinite, and the
      illusionary and temporary. Be dispassionate as you
      witness your ever changing thoughts, physical
      sensations, and emotions. Control the breath with
      pranayama. Chant a mantra/OM. Do affirmations. Eat,
      sleep and drink as your body needs, not as your tongue,
      habits, ego or desires dictate. Recognize and break free
      from compulsive behaviors. Be selfless, humble, and
      compassionate. Be generous, charitable and quick to
      forgive others and yourself. Get over being upset ASAP.
      Don't carry anger or revenge or

      anything else that disturbs your peace. Don't
      rehash the
      past or fantasize about the future. Do yoga, martial arts
      or some physical activity. Appreciate the freedom that
      "Thy will be done" brings to you. Detach yourself from
      the people, places, and things that take your peace away.
      Spend time in nature. Be kind to all, and helpful to
      animals, children and our elders. Study scriptures and
      books of wisdom. Have a sincere burning desire for
      liberation. Be patient. Dedicate your actions to your
      divinity. Flow with visions and powers as they come and
      let them go as they go. Witness the Witness in silence.
      If a teacher comes to you, learn. Limitless in the eternal,
      finite in the body, don't squander energy or time.
      Have fun, enjoy, laugh. Love.
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