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14334Again Zen and the Art of Knifemaking

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  • medit8ionsociety
    Sep 2, 2005
      The latest experiment in knife creation can be
      seen in photos # 80 and 81 in the Photo section.
      It's 19" long, 1095 steel with a nickel silver guard.
      While working with the Buckeye Burl wood that
      the handle is made out of, I found several little
      holes and cracks as I sanded deeper into the block.
      So I posted a question on the Knife Forum group
      that I belong to, asking if I should fill them, and
      if so, what should be used. The answer came very
      quickly from one of the world's top knife makers.
      He suggested using a super glue type product
      to fill the gaps, as without doing this, the stability
      of the handle would eventually be compromised.
      I did this, and the end result is that the handle is
      now smooth as glass and will be functional far
      longer than it would have had I not worked on
      it with proper methodology. This struck me as
      analogous to what can happen when a spiritual
      seeker recognizes their flaws and goes to a guru,
      or even a meditation group like this one, and
      gets pointers on how they should proceed to fill
      the gaps in their knowledge so as to be able to
      consistently function appropriately. In any event,
      whatever I or you do, being attentive and having proper
      guidance as to how to do the things we do in as
      skillful a manner as we can is a wise tactic. In the
      case of knifemaking, as is true in many of life's
      events, not being attentive in the moment, and not
      having the knowledge or skill to do the appropriate
      actions, is a potentially tragic situation waiting
      to happen. And when you do combine awareness with
      wisdom and capability, the results can be very
      satisfying, or some similar positive adjective.