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14328Wisdom From Arkansas

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  • medit8ionsociety
    Aug 29, 2005
      From a Meditation Society of America member in Arkansas:

      Jesus said "Judge not, that you may not be judged."
      But the refusal to be judgmental applies not only
      to others, but to our selves, as well. In fact,
      all of our judgment and all of our condemnation is
      really leveled against our selves. Now, many times
      this manifests as anger toward other people, other
      things, or other situations. But the assumed sin that
      we see in the eye of our brother, is really our own sin
      projected onto the world. So it is important not to
      simply forgive our neighbor, but to forgive our selves
      as well. As we begin to lift the burden of "right versus
      wrong" off our shoulders, we see that we are simply acting!
      out of our own "programming", be that genetically,
      environmentally, miraculously, or whatever. Thus, we are
      not "wrong" or "evil", but simply naïve, and making the most
      logical decisions we can, based on what we know at the time.
      Through forgiveness, both inside and out, we are able to
      lift the burden of fear that arises from the fallacious
      concept of "otherness". There is nothing to fear, as the
      universe is one.