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14326Re: [Meditation Society of America] Moha - Don't Put Up With People That Put You Down

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  • prakki surya
    Aug 28, 2005
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      dear friends


                                        Difference between Moha and Prema(Love )


      Love is Prema. It is based on truth and knowledge. Blind love is Moha, which is based on falsehood and ignorance. If you teach your son to make him pass the examination, it is love. Inspite of your teaching, if he is dull and if you want to pass him in the examination by false means, it is blind love. Tukaram preached Bhagavatam to his wife everyday. But, his wife was much attached to the household duties. Hence, she did not deserve the salvation. The divine aeroplane came only for Tukaram because he deserved. But, Tukaram offered a place in the aeroplane to his wife who did not deserve. This is Moha. His wife did not reach the aeroplane due to the household duties. Tukaram did not wait for his wife. Had he waited for his wife, he would have become undeserving due to his Moha and the aeroplane might have left even without him. By the grace of Lord, Tukaram realised the truth and got into the aeroplane. Tukaram preached Bhagavatam to all the devotees and his wife was also present in those devotees. Had he preached only to his wife, it would have been again Moha.


      Sankara preached all the people by wandering all over the world. Moha is responsible to bring down anyone from the highest state to the lowest state. Hanuman and Shankaracharya – both are incarnations of Shiva. Then Hanuman was trapped in the Moha of his mother by fighting with Rama for the sake of his mother. So, he fell from the state of Shiva to Jeeva. Therefore, he was always in the state of Jeeva (soul) and always stated ‘Dasoham’ i.e., I am your servant. But Shankaracharya left his mother for the sake of Lord and was not having any Moha. Therefore he was in his original state of Shiva and told ‘Shivoham’. Please remember that Hanuman acted in the role of an ignorant Jeeva to preach us and He was not really trapped by Moha. We should take the message of his role only. Therefore even Shiva becomes Jeeva due to Moha. When Shiva crosses the Moha, he remains as original Shiva. The essence of Saadhana is only to destroy this Moha on the worldly bonds and to have Moha only on the Lord. This should be proved in practice and need not be expressed through words or feelings. If the true knowledge is absent the practice will never come. If the true knowledge is attained, if not today, you will attain it in the practice after a few days. Therefore, true knowledge and its propagation is the most important program of the Lord. He who participates in such program will become very near and dear to Lord. The only duty of a Sanyasi is propagation of the divine knowledge and therefore the Sanyasi is the nearest and dearest as told in Gita (Jnani sacha mampriyah, Jnani tva tmaiva). Sanyasa does not mean shaving the head and wearing the saffron clothes. Sanyasa means propagation of divine knowledge to uplift all the people in the world.

      at the lotus feet of shri datta swami



      medit8ionsociety <no_reply@yahoogroups.com> wrote:
      This article is from the Meditation Concepts
      section of our web site, Meditation Station
      It seems that we have to post this fairly often
      as so few have even heard about this concept, and
      many could probably benefit from it...

      Did you ever have a relative or so-called friend
      who consistently said demeaning and critical things
      to you? "Are you going out dressed like that?"
      "You'll never amount to anything!" "Why don't you
      go on a diet?" and so on, and so on. Are you still
      going through this? If so, why are you letting this
      go on? You are having your self-esteem, energy, and
      spirit be diminished or extinguished. Even if it is
      claimed that these comments were being made "for you
      own good", if you look at it objectively, you will
      see that they have not brought you any benefit and
      in fact have caused you to suffer. Understanding
      this is "Moha".

      Technically, Moha translates from Sanskrit as
      "Delusion". Philosophically though, it is much more.
      There are probably billions of people in the world
      right now who understand the real meaning of Moha.
      Because of this, they lead their lives in a much
      saner, rational, inner peace-producing manner than
      we do in America and other countries where the concept
      of Moha is virtually unknown. Basically, it means that
      you put up with stupid (although not necessarily
      unintelligent), mean spirited, or negative people
      just because you have some kind of nostalgic connection
      to them. So, if they happen to be related to you, have
      known you for years, work with you, have the same
      friends, or whatever, they feel entitled to bring
      suffering into your life. Sometimes this comes in the
      form of physical, mental, emotional or spiritual direct
      personal attacks, and sometimes just by their own
      ongoing habit of expressing negativity about life and
      things in general. And you continue to let them be part
      of your life. Pretty delusional reaction, isn't it?

      So, now that you know about Moha, you must, for your
      own well being, cut these people out of your life.
      It is very much like the suggestions that AA, NA,
      and other 12 step programs make - don't associate
      with people, places, or things that will bring you
      down. It is really very simple. If something brings
      you peace, it is "good" and should be encouraged.
      If something takes your peace away, it is "bad" and
      must be eliminated from your life. Sometimes, because
      of economic situations, like your job, or due to
      relationships, like your in-laws, you must continue
      your physical contact with the people who you realize
      are "bad" to and for you. You must then at least
      divorce yourself mentally and emotionally from
      reacting to their comments. As a matter of fact, you
      can gain from seeing them for the pitiful beings
      they are and feel compassion for them. After all,
      they have to wake up every morning and spend all
      day in their own miserable company. But you must
      never let them "get under your skin". You owe nothing
      but compassion to anyone whose words or actions cause
      you to suffer. This will free you to create a life
      full of those things that you have found to be "good"
      for you. And you will live happily ever after.

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