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14272What the Bleep Do We Know

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  • Diana Woods
    Aug 8, 2005
      I saw the movie twice in Washington, D.C. and now have a copy of the DVD. This is a beautiful film I will see again and again and share with friends. I also have a small book version of many of the film's comments. I highly recommend it. Indeed, make every effort to see it...

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      > >  The grandson thought about it for a
      > > minute and then asked his grandfather which wolf
      > > would win. The old Cherokee simply replied,
      > > "The one you feed."
      > Watching 'What the Bleep...' last night,
      > the discussion of how (quantumly) thoughts
      > shape matter prompted me to contemplate
      > how our collective thoughts may shape the
      > world. Thinking of concepts such as 'global
      > warming', I wondered at how some people
      > seem to seek out and claim proof to these
      > concepts on a frequent basis. "Oh, it used
      > to snow here more in the winter, that's
      > global warming." This seems to be faulty
      > anecdotal thinking that favors one line of
      > politicized science over another. Consider
      > the suggestion that thoughts shape matter -
      > could such thoughts on a collective basis
      > actually be contributing to global warming?
      > Consider this potential in the realm of
      > other concepts, such as 'the dumbing down
      > of youth', 'increasing incidence of terrorism',
      > 'violence in schools', 'materialism', etc.
      > Nina

      Yo Sri Ninaji,
      Your thoughts have created some interesting
      other matters...I had not heard about this movie,
      and when I checked out the web site about it,
      http://www.whatthebleep.com/ I found that it's
      quite a big deal, even including Deepak Chopra
      being involved. I also saw that it isn't being shown
      here in Pennsylvania, so I'll probably have to get
      ahold of the DVD to see it. Is this movie as amazingly
      good as the site makes it seem? I also just received
      an email about What the Bleep Conferences that are
      being held and it mentions that there are over 1600
      hours of talk about it available on 51 channels that
      I assume are a type of "pay per view". I guess this
      makes the movie "The Next Big Thing".
      So, from what you posted and where I now think the
      movie is coming from, I have begun to wonder if all
      this is just matter that Nina's thoughts have created?:-)
      Peace and blessings,

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